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Saturday, July 12, 2008 0 Comments

Hello Kitty pouch with mirror, from Bf.
Thanks baby!

Miss Mense visited me today finally!
She has been kinda irregular for e past few mths.

My stomach hav been cramping for the whole day,
& its killing me!
Ate some painkiller to help relieve the pain,
hope it works!

I guess tml will be worst,
cramps with heavy flow?!
Aww, help, no pls!

Met Bf at 12.30PM.
Destination: Town
Shopped around till late noon.
As the cramp is coming on & off,
so we departed & went to Bf's hse as the pain is killing.

We ate 2 meals within 4hrs!
Kinda scary uh?!

im too tired to continue typing,
& the pain is haunting me down!

Rest Time!

Gd night, Readers!

Animations made by me for myself & grace, Nice?!