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Saturday, July 26, 2008 0 Comments

From Australia By Cheryl, Thanks for the cup with my name :)

Didnt update cos i was too tired,
sorry readers!

Ystd was my day-off,
no work means no money.
Bt at least i can hav a long weekend!

Was out w Cara in e noon.
Met her at Tiong Bahru & set off to Town.

Eat, shop & walk.

I guess im too sick of going to Town, & areas of SG.
No place that interest me.

Cara brought a pink & white top.

I brought a pair of fake lashes, 1 lash clip, 1 white shirt & a black-white top.
Wanted to get wedges heels bt they didnt hav my size,
not "my shoe" day!
Spend abt SGD70 in a day!

Oh, sorry, no pics for the day!

Left & went to meet Bf @ Yishun.
Waited for him & went for a walk in Northpoint.
Eww, its totally empty in thr!
Nth attracts me & most shops are not opened for business.

Proceeded back to JP,
had Mac for dinner.
Bf brought me this Beijing'08 limited edition Olympic cup from Mac.
I dunc knw why he brought tat for?!

Recently, i hav got this seaweed craves!
I brought 1big pack of seaweed.
In which, it contains 100 small loose packets inside a pack.
I hav alrdy eaten 5opackets of it.
My mouth hasnt stop biting since the moment i wake up.
I assume its good for health cause seaweeds are veggies?

I wan to put on weight which Bf agreed too,
at least another 2KG?
But it seems tat im alrd a big-eater, yet no weight was put on.
Guess its due to work?

I got to walk 3times my normal speed & do things in my fastest pace,
& these will use up most of my energy.

Was blog-hopping & i found these Fcup cookies.
It comes in forms of cookies, tea & cupcakes.
& its said to increase your cup size with these cookies & water.
& you can seen the results in 2weeks?
I dunc knw if its true or not, bt seems interesting!

Scientist invented alot of pills/methods to beautify a person.

Rebonding or perming was invented to let one choose a more desired & suitable hairstyle for themselves. Breast enhancement pills, breast implant & lots of other methods to bust one's bust size. Slimming pills, exercising or even slimming centers to help plump people to shake off their fatty tissues to loose weight. Penis enlargement pills to make men to develop & increase their manhood. Plastic surgeries to make one look nicer & prettier. There are always lots of ways to beautify everyone, but why there aint any method to let one grow tall?

I want to grow taller, duhh!

I fall in love with this show called "Perfect Cut"
Im so in love with their touching stories!

"There is no ugly person in this world, only poor people"

How far do you agree with this sentence?

While i was blog-hopping,
I realised a lot of people are starting to design like wad i designed below.

If you wants to use my ideas like wad i used for my tagboard, portfolio,
& my bg hover effect
pls kindly credit me for inspiration!



My plugboard has been removed. I will be starting a "Affiliation program".
More info abt applying, pls refer under "SWEETEST ESCAPE".


Bf came to my stop to fetch me just now.
Went to JP, again..

Went dinner-ing with him.
I ate soy sauce chicken with rice,
while Bf ate curry chicken with rice.

I was amused that he ate 3 plates of rice!
This is the first time he ate so very much!
I tink he is one of the ghost being released for The Hungry Ghost Festival!
*Oh god, Hungry Ghost Festival falls on 1st-Aug!

Im quite scared cos i hav to walk pass the mortuary everyday to work!
& i will alway see the metal coffin being pushed inside the undertaker's car.

I dunc feel scare at all when i see it on a normal day,
bt it may be different during Hungry Ghost Festival!
* Cross my fingers

My mouth feels v "sour",
i hav been eating my seaweed non-stop since morning!
Im left with 20 loose pacs of seaweed,
which means i ate 80 loose pacs, GOSH!

I dunc knw why, i feel so drowsy as if i was being spiked.

-Knock out-