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Monday, July 21, 2008 0 Comments

As usual, Mondays are hectic days in every ward/clinic.
I dunc knw why patients like to come & fall sick on Monday.
I hate Mondays!

Can we delete all Mondays on the calendar?
Or rather to get rid of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays too?
That would be great!

Ended clinic at 5.45PM.
Was having a headache since clinic started.
Im having a severe headache now!
My head is bursting!

Anyway, did took sm painkillers to relief the pain.
Guess im lack of sleep again!

Went to MDIS to pay for my course fee just now.
However, i stil hav an outstanding balance of SGD600 cause my debit limit exceeded.
I did went to OCBC to change my limit to SGD5K two days ago,
the banker told me the change will be immediate,
but i why it still stays at SGD3K.
This is so damn weird uh!?

Yay, school is starting on 6th-Aug.
Im working triple hard, i promise!

Im very proud cos i paid the school fees myself.
Everything i had now comes from my hard-earn money.

Little-Miss-Wendy: An independent girl with a satisfied life!

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Candygirl & i are too busy for frequent updates etc.
We are very sorry!