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Sunday, July 20, 2008 0 Comments


Did not really went online for the past few days,
kinda busy & tired.

Its finally weekends,
im like always looking forward to my weekends.

We were invited to Christina's 21TH birthday chalet in Downtown East.

Was supposed to meet Jasmine & Stella in PS at 2PM.
Wanted to go down to pay for our course fee,
bt i couldnt make my way down on time.
When Stella rang me up at 1.30PM, i was still aslp.
Thrfore, they went without me.

Poor me, I hav to go down personally to MDIS alone on Mon.

Accompany Bf to JP at 3PM,
brought Christina's present & Bf's fruit juice machine for his mummy.
Rested awhile at Bf's place til 6.15PM,
& set off to meet Geraldine & Rebecca.

Walked around as we are still early.
Waited for the damn bloody bus for nearly 30mins.
Luckily, we managed to board the bus.

The aftermath of a downpour caused the floor to be wet & dirty.
Its just so yucks everywhr!

The fd that we ate are all BBQ-ed by Christina's bro.
Overall, the fd are quite gd & delicious.
There was a birthday bashed going on.
Poor Christina had her face full of creams & cakes!

I dunc tink i will ever hav a chalet or a cake on my 21TH birthday!
This is madness!

As it was an hr before midnight,
we decided to hire a cab to ferry us home.
I share a cab with Geraldine as we stay just a street away from each other.

Cab fee are taxing nowadays!

Oh god, its Sun & Mon is coming!
No pls!

The battle is starting again for Mon!