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Sunday, July 20, 2008 0 Comments

I was being nominated for the Best Asian Blog & Singapore Girls.
Pls support my blog by voting for me!

Was kinda shocked when i saw my name in the finalist.

I understand my blog may be boring & crappy at all times.
This is just how i blogs!

Hopefully my readers wun e bored to death!


I make a joke out of myself today,
its just not my day!

Went to Bf's place today.
Brought my lappy & PSP with me.
Was busy playing with my PSP while waiting for the bus.
I was so ignorant that i board a bus without looking at the number.

I dunc knw why, i just felt something not right,
then i realize that i board the wrong bus.
Wanted to take 185, but i board onto 181.
Alighted at the very next stop, & 185 arrive just after 181 left.
Happily board 185, but guess wad?!
The 185 which i took goes back to my place,
which means i board the correct bus but going towards the wrong direction.

I was damn pissed at myself!
After spending like half an hr,
i was still right at the place i was initially,
my very own bus stop, & wasting my transport fee!
How stupid & blur i was!

This is not the first time i board the wrong bus/train.
The habit of me not paying attention to things & surroundings
always landed me in the wrong place, or getting the wrong thing.
It time to wake up, Wendy!

Bf & I were craving for chocolates,
thrfore we brought 2 blocks of chocolates just now.
This is so fattening can!
All fats will be deposited into my tummy!

I hav been eating alot these days,
but had nv been exercising for the past 2yrs!
Im just too lazy to exercise!
What goes into my tummy is more then wad was being burnt out.
At this rate, I guess im going to put on weight again!

Its Monday tml,
The battle is starting again!