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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 0 Comments


Nurse's day falls on 1st-Aug of every year.
& we celebrated thru out the week.

Doctors & directors of the hospital set up a buffet lunch for everyone.

Tue: Buffet by Dr IanYeo & Dr LeeSY
Wed: Buffet by SNEC, Cake by Medical Officer (MO)
Fri: Buffet by Singhealth

My diet was doubled for the week.
Hopefully i did get to put on sm weight!

I was so hooked up by blogs nowadays,
& i can spend the whole day in it!

I fall in love with my lappy too, & its addictive!

Amended & changed sm designs on my blog.
Look out for these changes!
Hope it does'nt look ugly in my blog,
cause i customized it myself.

Another no-pay-leave tml!
Aww, im poor for the month!
Anyway, i hav got no event for tml,
gonna rot at home for the day.

Im quite bothered about my exam schedule,
cause we cant seems to get off on our exam's day itself.
School have not started & problems keep coming in,
how will the situation be when school started?

Questions keeps running into my mind.

● Hav we made the right choice?
● Are we going to waste our money?
● Is there still a permanent solution to it?
● What is our next step?
● What will happen to our subsequent exam?
● Are we doomed?

I really dunc knw what is wrong with us studying at this moment?!
Dunc every mother wants their child to be successful in life?!
Is striving for our future wrong & why aint our leave granted?

I really hope there will be a perfect solution to it,
& thus not offending anyone in whatever ways.

We just hope to get a better life,
a better future & a better job,
thats all!

This little girl is trying her best to achieve something in life.

Cherly's so careless, she hurt her hand ystd while opening the door.
Dunc be so impatient & agitate your hand again!