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Thursday, August 07, 2008 0 Comments

My Geo lenses has finally arrived ystd!

This week is fast!

Fridge flooded with Haagen-Dazs ice-cream.
Those cost more then SGD500.
I had mac nut, chocolate cookies & summer berries.
& these was seriously yummy!

Lunch was superb with nasi lemak & ice-cream feast! Thanks Prof Chee & Prof
Ong for the treat!

Was asked to claim an hr of my time w Reb, & thrfore knocked off at 4PM.
Changed & headed for a walk in Bugis Street with Reb while waiting for Stella.
Brought a white top & headed off for dinner.

3 silly dumbo wanted to take the train over to the campus. Guess what?
We did not look carefully at the signboard but assume that we took the correct
direction. When the train reached Kallang, we realised that we headed towards
the wrong direction, & we immediately rush out of the cabin like 3 crazy women.

Crossed over towards the correct direction, but it was pretty late by then.
Waited awhile & continue our chatting session in the train, again, we nearly
miss our stop in Queenstown & rushed out crazily again!

Oh my god, whats going with 3 of us?! This is silly uh!

Reached the class just in time, the classroom was huge with over 50 students
in it. Most of them are in their late 20s, early 30s! I guess we were the youngest
among all! I was left confused & ignorant through out the lesson. Cause i was not
exposed to this topic before, therefore i was lost in lala-land!

But i will try to read the notes to prepare myself before lesson. We must make it!

Ended class but left without Reb. Reb's friend were our classmate coincidentally,
thrfore she drove her home. Poor Stella & Wendy! We walked to the bus-stop &
train-ed home. By then, it was 11PM when we reached home.

Exhausted & slept at 12MN.

Im having sore throat with headache in the morning. Am i going to fall sick again?!
Hell no please!

I hav been v clumsy & careless recently. Hav been accidentally banging myself against
objects & being cut. Im full with papercuts, metal cuts, bruises & scratches. You can
imagine how careless i was!

On my way home today, Reb & i helped an old grandmother on our way home.
She was present with weakness of the leg legs accompanied by unsteady gait,
but walks with the aid of a walking frame. She wanted to climb the stairs to cross
over a bridge alone!! Reb & i was kinda worried, thrfore confronted her to use the
traffic light. But she thought thr was no other way to cross over the road except
the bridge, but we confronted & accompanied her to cross over.

She walks very slowly with her walking frame as she was quite breathless at times.
On average, a human takes about 2 to 3 mins to cross the road with 2 traffic lights,
but it took us 20mins to accompany the grandmother to cross over. We cant seems
to communicate with her as she was deaf & mute, thrfore just escorted her to cross
the road without understanding whr she was heading. We hav to stop the car as it
was already red man but she was only halfway thru. By the time she crossed over
the road, it changes to green man again.

Sad to say, nobody approached to help us! She is so poor ting, hopefully she is fine!

Going for lesson tml, got to make myself alert! Its raining now & im super tired.
Im knocking out, this is going to be a nice slp with the cold downpour!
Good bye readers!