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Monday, August 18, 2008 0 Comments

Saw this by random when i was walking, cool huh!

Mimi, asked by Jas to close her eyes, & she really did.

It was nearly a week since my last update. Last wk was rather busy. Sorry abt
the late update! School was on Wed & Thur for last wk, thrfore i hav to rush
my homework on Tue. Cant really recall wad had happened on weekdays.

My weekends are burnt such as i was busy too. I was addicted to this taiwan
drama called "It started with a kiss". Spend my whole Fri night watching but
didnt complete the whole series.

Sat: Continued with the drama series & almost forgot abt the meet-up. Meet-up
with GFs at 2PM, i was late! I reached at 3PM & Pasir Ris was our first
destination, we were on a "research study" in Pasir Ris Beach for the upcoming
BBQ. Walked & walked non-stop for nearly an hr. That was tiring! After that,
we went over to Jas hse in Punggol.

Didnt want to go as she has a Chihuahua called "Mimi". Mimi was very cute bt
very fierce as well! But im scared of dogs! Made her carry her dog throught
out my stay.

A feast was prepared for us by her mum, & that was definately delicious!
We had Chilli Crab, Chilli Kang Kong, Roasted Meat, Mixed Vegetable & Soup.
Stella made Honeydew Sago with coconut as the desert. Thanks Jas & Stella!
Cabbed home with Dine which cost us SGD22!

Sun: Practically doing nth but slp til late morning. Went over to Bf's place
watched taiwan drama series. Im so in love with it, super cool OK! Monday
blues again! In a blink of an eye, the week starts again!


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