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Tuesday, August 12, 2008 0 Comments

Beware, Crocs are believed to cause heart attack!

Trendy Crocs sandals have been banned from hospitals by health chiefs over fears they might cause
heart attacks or damage life support machines. Health Authority safety officers in Austria have
warned all staff that the distinctive plastic shoes can generate massive amounts of static electricty.

The electricity can discharge itself directly into patients or short circuit vital medical equipment, says
the warning from the Viennese Hospital Authority. Static discharge could wipe out the computer
memories and data processing functions of life-saving equipment, rendering it useless.

Now the city's biggest hospital - SMZ Ost with 2,800 employees - has already banned the shoes from
operating theatres and the casualty department. The soft, vinyl sandals have become a hit with medics,
as well as celebrities like Al Pacino and Batman star Morgan Freeman. But the Viennese Hospital
Authority safety spokesman Peter Woelfl said Crocs would stay banned until they could be made

"Those sandals can cause an electric shock in organs. They can also lead to crashes of data
processing devices," he said.

"We hold a technical opinion which says that those sandals are made of materials which are not
antistatic. This means they do not match our safety requirements," he added.

Therefore, Crocs are banned in all hospitals in Austria. Do you believe?!

. . .

I was damn pissed today!

I got scolded by a patient when i did nothing wrong.

Pat (shouting): I have been waiting for 2hrs, & my appt was initially on 15th Aug yet i received a
letter stating the change of appt date. My appt was on 15th Aug, why need to change to today
& make me wait so long?!

Me: Your appt time is 10.40PM, but you reached at 9.55PM, which was nearly an hour earlier.
* i hav not completed by sentence & he shouted at me

Pat (shouting): I dont care about the appt time, why they change my appt for nth & yet i waited two hrs!

Me: Doc is not available on 15th Aug, thrfore ur appt was being changed.

Pat (shouting): I dont care, why change & need to wait so long. If i nv come & confront, i sure wait longer.

Me: Uncle, i go according to the number given to you! So you have to wait! This appt time & number
is not given by me, it is sorted via the computer system!
* me, ignoring him & walked off

When i called for his name before his turn, he did not ans me. & when my colleague called him, he

ignored & pretend to be deaf too! This is so fug! Damn angry can, get scolded for nth! I hate this
kinda person! 2hrs of wait is the minimal alrd, yet he is thr complaining! Damn!

Anyway, i hav found out another ripper! 3 rippers in 2 days, this is damn!
Anyway, the 3 of them changed their skin alrd, so its nth to do with me

If you tell me you dunc knw that you must not change or amend the credit's part,
pls go to http://dictionary.com/ to search for the definition of "CREDIT"!

If you want to use any of my stuff, you have to obey my rules! Do not remove or
amend the credit parts! Even if you did add on smth to it, amend accordingly!
Rules & regulations are stated very clearly in my blog!

If you like my blogskin/creation & are using it, Thank You! If you hate it, simply
fug off! I dunc nid any of such fans! I dunc giv a damn abt you!

I cleared my homework today, did 5 essay questions in a row! I stil got 2 more,
but im lazy to write anymore! Tired, very tired!