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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 0 Comments

Hello people! Didnt update for a few days alrd. Im getting lazier & lazier as days goes!
I will try to recall wad happened for the past few days.

Sat: Went shopping at Queensway Shopping Center with Bf. Bf wanted to get stuff for
gyming. Took a bus thr, & in the mid of the journey, it started pouring heavily. Luckily
i asked Bf to bring an umbrella out. Pretty cold as we were walking in the rain with a
small umbrella, bt it was fun! Everytime we will get lost in the maze-liked shopping
center. Walked ard, bt Bf couldnt find what he was looking for. I brought a pair of
coloured lense. Will be sent to my place in a wk's time. Took a bus back to JP for
dinner. Had long & tired day!

Reached home, bath & continue to watch my online taiwan drama. It was fantastic!
I watch till 5AM, & finally finished those episodes.

Sun: Wake up at 2PM, & it was alrd raining cats & dogs. It rained non-stop for the whole
day. Thrfore, the rainy weather makes me stay at home for the day. Continued with the
second part of the drama. I was so addicted to it!

& so, my weekends are over!

Mon: I started my monday with a tired me. Was pretty tired as i was deprived of sleep.
Dragged myself to work, & the battle starts again! Hate the start of every week, which
is Mon. It will always be the busiest day of the week. I guess it will be the same as

Thr was this sentence which i feel so sad abt!

There was a blind man coming to the clinic for his follow-up appointment. He was being
holded in by a nurse but she left after sitting him down. He was holding a walking stick
which makes it v obvious that he was blind. Total blind to be exact. Guilded him to the
laser rm when it was his turn. Dr did his laser & i guilded him out. He kept saying
"Thank You" to me. I was quite puzzled why he wasnt accompanied by anyone.

" You came alone?", I asked,
"Yes, ever since i became a blind man, i became unwanted.", he replied.

I was so amazed as a blind man could make his way to the hospital alone, but felt so bad
that he came alone without his family member! How could they? What if he falls or lost
his way?

How i wish no man was blind or sick!

Anyway, i will hav a long weekend this week. This coming Fri & Mon is my off day. Well,
im glad yet sad cause i dunc get paid for my rest day! How pathetic will my pay be for
this month?!

Tue: Miss Mense visited today. A total mense of my menstrual cycle! Tummy cramped
again! Wed is coming again, got to go for lesson after work. Its seriously damn tiring!
Naughty Wendy has been done any of her homework or project! Oh dear! I need to start
pulling up my socks alrd!

In just a blink of an eye, it coming to the mid end of the wk. Im so happy can! I super love

Just brought a new phone in May, but i was thinking to change again soon! Confused on
what model i want!


Samsung Omnia OR HTC Touch Pro?

I like both of them, but i tink HTC Touch Pro has not be launched in SG cause i couldnt
find it in Singtel or Starhub shop. But i guess it is launching soon?

Anyone help?


Cheryl made this, its so damn funny can! The pic dunc look like the real person! I
laugh till so loudly! Looks so old school man!