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Sunday, August 31, 2008 0 Comments

Guess im getting lazier & lazier! Let me do a trackback of what im doing for the
past few days!

Fri: Its my off day. Slpt at 5AM & woke at 1PM. Met Bf & went over to Ngee Ann Poly.
Brought along my laptop for the installation of Anti-Virus & Microsoft Office. Its quite
sickening cos i still got to attend lesson at 7PM. Thats how i pass my Fri.

Sat: I finally finished watching "They kissed again", you will definately love it! So
touching & romantic can! Again, was introduced to this movie, "Hot Shot" by Bf & Reb.
Not bad too! Stayed at hm til 6PM & went for a hairdo. I looks like a nerd now! LOL!
Met Bf & went for supper.

Sun: Went to IT Fair with Bf at Suntec. Bf brought a external hard disk & i brought a
earphone. It was very packed & crowded. Struggled very hard each time to walk through
a path. Had PizzaHut for dinner. Im so tired. Everywhr is so packed & it makes me
kinda pissed. Thrfore, we went home early. Im off again on Mon! Had a wonderful
long weekend!

My new chocolate pencil box. A pity i cant eat when i feel hungry in the mid of lesson.

Here is a dance which i think is very amazing!

Recent Update: Made a new blogskin today! Just smth simple & pinkish as usual!
Its an edited version of my previous personal blogskin & smth similar to my
blogshop, Clandestine-Affair. Im thinking of closing down or total ignoring of
Singaporean-Bloggers-Directory from now on as i dunc really hav time to manage
it. I knw lotsa bloggers hav been asking me to update. Im sorry!