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Do You Believe

Thursday, September 04, 2008 0 Comments

Another rest day! Im off for today, again. I wun be going to work everyday cause
most of the doctors will be going for conference for the nxt 2wks. Oh dear! My
salary will be like half of what i hav been earning this mth. Damn!

For nxt week, out of 7 days, i will be going to work for 2 days only. Thats so
pathetic can! Damn! Any part - time job to intro? LOL! I will be very poor
for this mth!

I hav make sm changes to my blog. Any comments abt the changes?

I heard from my friend that the Hungry Ghost's Festival is not over yet. The hell
gate will be closing this Sun at 8PM. This topic was brought up here cause my
friend told me she saw a "new friend" in our workplace, the laser center. FYI, im
working in SGH, Singapore National Eye Center.

She told me that if one can see ghost, they will hav this special eye. Once, she wanted
an opthamolmologist to check if thr is any abnormalities in her eye that cause her to
see ghost. But she wasnt checked on. The doctor knew in a glance that she hav that
special eye. Weird huh?!

I always heard many stories from her past expierence & she has been seeing many
of those "good friends" in the laser center too. But they hav been thr for ages, & they
wun cause harm anyone. I didnt totally believe her, but half believe it. For instance,
none of the scientist hav proven that thr is ghost existing in this world. Do you believe
it? I heard many stories in the ward too, but.. .. ..

My daily route to work is to walk through the mortuary as it is the shortest route
to my workplace. The lift i hav been taking are shared with those undertakers
whom transfered those metal coffin from the undertaker's van to the morturary,
vice versa. You may think its very scary, bt i dunc feel anything.

How strong do you people believe in this?!

I hav tons of work to do. Due date for my projects is nearer. I hav not even started
on it. Damn! Exams are coming, hav not started either. I need to start working on
it alrd before its too late!