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Thursday, September 11, 2008 0 Comments

Im back, exhausted & tired out. Its my off day again, same goes for tml. Oh man, im
running out of cash! Went for my lesson ystd night & slept at 1AM. Woke up at 7AM,
bt i admit i was damn tired, but i still dragged myself out of bed. The reason that im
waking up so early is because im meeting my GFs for a morning swim.

Today is our off days! It's a rare chance to see all girls getting off in the same day. I
think we are the first few to reach the pool. Changed into our bikinis & started our
swim. Played, swam around, & it was fun. The heat from the sun was weak, & its very
cold. After numerous visits to the pool, today i finally have the courage to take the slide.
I think it looks kinda scary, but fun! I enjoyed myself very much!

I have not been exercising for yrs, & today's swim makes my whole body aching all over.
Restless, achy & tired after the swim! We proceeded for lunch. Had KFC & PizzaHut.
After burning sm caleries from the swim, i guess what was burnt was bek into our body.
Its like a wasted trip! Anyway, each of us hav a set of KFC meal, & we ordered a Regular
Hawaiian Pizza. I ate to my limit & my stomach feels like its exploding anytime.

All of us headed home, but packed a mail & deliver to Bf's place. The moment i entered
his room, i lie flat on the bed, motionless. I was too tired, & slept for a few hrs. But i did
not regain my energy from my sleep. Still as tired. Hail for a cab & went home.

I know i hav been posting alot of disguisting articles in my blog lately. I found another
article while i was surfing around. This was taken from STOMP from Strait's Time.

STOMPer JT was shocked to find tiny maggots in the packet of curry sauce that came
along with a purchase of McDonald's items.

The STOMPer says:
I went to the outlet at Compasspoint on 3 Sep 08 at about 10pm.
I ordered 2 Double Cheeseburgers and a 9 Pcs Chicken Nuggets.
After which I asked for Curry Sauce and Chilli Sauce to take away.

"When I got home, which was a short two-minute ride, to my horror, when I opened the
packet of curry sauce, I was greeted with a 'smell' and there were many tiny maggots
crawling inside with a portion of the curry sauce which have turned black and harden and
possibly rotting.

"It was honestly very disgusting and upon opening the curry sauce, I was not even sure if
the maggots had dropped onto my uneaten food."

The STOMPer wrote a feedback to McDonald's the same night and received a call from a business
manager apologising for the incident, asking if the STOMPer had kept the curry

The STOMPer says:

The maggots were crawling out, obviously I had it disposed as soon as I took the photos,
and in our conversation she also mentioned that this is not isolated to the outlet at
It was islandwide as it could be a supplier problem.
She also told me there were a few complaints already.
Shouldn't they stop giving out curry sauce pending investigation?
I asked her if they do check the expiry date of the sauces, she mentioned that the
turnover for curry sauce is very high thus unlikely it would hit past the expiry date.
Then my question is, if it is not even past its expiry date and it is rotting with maggots?

STOMP contacted McDonald's and it says:

We refer to your query prompted by a STOMPER on maggots in curry sauce. McDonald's regrets
the experience of a valuable customer.

We do not compromise on food quality and safety, and take all feedback very seriously.
Unfortunately, we have been unable to obtain the product in question from STOMPer JT,
for us to conduct a full investigation.
Based on the pictures provided, we have noted that the seal on the packaging had been compromised.
This is evident from the hardened sauce that formed on the surface and on the rim of the packaging.
This will only occur as a result of exposure to air.
There is no evidence in the pictures of thepresence of maggots in the sauce.
We view tampering or mishandling of packaging, and hence compromise on food quality
and safety, very seriously.
We have not received further feedback of the same experience from other customers.
Nonetheless, we are undertaking a full investigationand are removing curry sauce stocks
with specific production code dates from all our restaurants.
We will also continue to remind all our restaurants to be vigilant and to check all existing
curry sauce stocks for compromised packaging.
We wish to assure all our customers that McDonald's is fully committed to the highest standards of food quality and safety.
We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure only the best quality products are
served to our customers.
We put our customers' welfare and safety first and foremost, and will spare no cost or
resource to ensure this.
In this spirit, we advise against irresponsible speculation, postings and circulation of
emails and blog postings on this matter.

By reading this, im not sure if this is 100% authentic but its featured in STOMP.
Therefore i think it should be true? Im quite disgusted by the image. God, i cant
image wad will i do if it happens to me.