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Sunday, September 14, 2008 0 Comments

Goodbye weekends! The working days are starting real soon! Hav nt work for 4 days
& im kinda lazy & tired to get myself up in the morning. Urg! Rest days flys like wind!

Went to Bf's place today. Went for lunch & i brought 3 pairs of coloured lens for myself
& a pair of alluring eyes for my sis. The stock doesnt hav the degree i wanted, thrfore
the shopkeeper will be ordering for me. Stock will be coming in either Tue or Wed. But
im currently wearing lense from Geo. Its a lense from Korea & i love the grey color!

Bf is so cute yet childish. & my Bf is a big kid! He went to buy a lantern for me. But i was
too shy to carry it cause im a big girl now. Issnt it funny if you see a big girl carrying a
lantern walking on the road?! I think its quite a childish act. He kept passing me the
lantern, but i refused to hold it so he hav to hold it himself. Bf send me home & went to
meet his friends.

Aww, im working tml. I hate to wake up early in the morning. Oh mine!

Today, my mood was kinda sad. Refer to my previous post for more info. I received a
piece of sad new. My friend's mum passed away at midnight. Didnt did i expect it was
to be so sudden. Hais! Life is so vulnerable! People come & go just like that! I sms-ed
her just nw, bt she said she is alright. I admire her courage. I knw she is going to stay
strong. Hopefully, after the funeral, she is going to be the normal her again. The past
will be a history, & we will always rmb the good old days. Tml will be a mystery.

Friends & I will be going to the wake tml after work. Sigh, everything is too sudden!
What i can say is, treasure every minute of life & cherish what you hav now.

Today is lantern festival. The atmosphere wasnt thr this yr. I didnt see much kids
celebrating it. & i didnt see/hear any advertisement abt the gallery in Chinese Garden.
Did i miss it, im not sure! But compared to the past few yrs, thr aint many seen playing
with lanterns etc.

Ok, shall update till here. Goodbye readers! Happy Lantern Festival!