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Saturday, September 13, 2008 0 Comments


Today is Bf's b'day! Woke up early in the morning, & headed off to Lot1 to buy a
cake for Bf. I knw its a very last min ting, bt i still made an effort to make my way
to CCK. As usual, did a silly ting! I dunc knw if im dreaming away or really blur
cause i alight at the wrong stop. This is not the first time i made this mistake, but
has been liddat quite often. Wanted to CCK, but dropped at Bukit Batok. Damn,
wasted my time again!

The cake was kinda heavy, wanted to take a cab to Bf's place, but the que was pretty
long in CCK, thrfore i took a train back to JE. Luckily, thr was no que in JE. Cabbed to
Bf's place. Sent the cake to his hse. Wanted to catch a movie, but the movie listing is
kinda late. Listed at 9.40PM, thrfore, stayed in Bf's place to watch online movie. That
was pretty pathetic, but the movie was nice!

I brought Bf a gyming weight set for his birthday. Its too bulky & heavy, thrfore i did
not capture any images of them. We set off to JP for our feast. Dined in to Kuishin.Bo &
had their buffet which is in Japan Street in JP. They served Japanese Cruisine & the
best thing is, they hav this authentic snow crab included in their menu. The crab was
really big & fat! We ate thr for nearly 3hrs, & im sure im going to gain a few more KGs!
I ate till my limit but the buffet was quite expensive. I spent abt SGD$300 today.

VC edited an image of me. But i think i look fat & ugly.
Decided to take it off. Anyway,
Thanks VC for the edit, BOOO!

I hav had alot of things that i want to do & buy. But, i hav made up my mind! I want
to put braces! My teeth is ok, not popped out or whatever, but cause i wan to change
the shape of my face. I hate it man! I knw that its kinda stupid to waste such money
& i will hav to go thru alot of pain, like extracting etc, but i hav made up my mind & i
knw its not cheap! It will cost nearly SGD$4K. Damn, im like wasting so much money!

Life & death is just around the world! Im worried abt my friend! Her mum's ill, & her
situation is quite critical currently. I feel so sad for her, but i will pray & hope that her
mum is alright! Death is a mystery cause we dunc knw when death is approaching. We
can be healthy now, but who knws tml we may be diagnosed with smth that is totally

2 weeks ago, i went to visit my cousin's granny in the hospital. Co-incidently, my cousin's
granny's mum was warded too! But to my surprise, they stayed in the same ward, just a
few beds away from each other. I didnt knw till i got thr. But ystd, mummy told me that
my cousin's granny's mum pass away ystd due to cancer. Cancer is so scary! Everyday,
thr is always people dying or diagnosed with cancer.

How i hope cancer dunc exist in this world! The more advanced the technology is, the more
we are prone to diseases. In the olden days, i dunc think there is such thing/word called
"cancer" existing. But life & death is part & parcel of life. No one knws what will happen

Reb: May god bless ur mum & hopefully miracle will happen! We will stay with you!
Everything will be fine, i hope!