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Saturday, September 27, 2008 0 Comments

On Thur, i went to meet Bf after work. We went for dinner in Vivo. I hav to admit,
Vivo is a huge place. Bf & I had Carl's Junior & we had a hard time finding the shop.
This is our first time to Carl's Junior, & i find the food quite delicious. The burger
was like super big, it can cover almost the whole of my face. Bf brought me Ben &
Jerry's ice-cream for dessert. I dunc really like the ice-cream we had. Its so damn
sweet! After that, we proceeded home.

Im tired accompanied by restlessness! I had insomnia the previous night despite
dranking 60mls of cough syrup which will cause drowsiness. I wasnt ill or coughing,
bt i took the syrup to make myself sleep well. But, taking those drugs makes mev
hav insomnia instead of drowsiness. Guess my body is immune to cough syrups &
its not effective to my body anymore. Went to bed at 1.30AM, but only falls asleep
at about 5-6AM. I took a nap just now too!

Miss Mense visited me today. Cramps, & tired! I dunc feel like going out for the whole
day! Sorry Bf! Till now, i still feel weak, guess the medicine hasn't gone off. Ystd was
a hectic day at work. Really hectic & busy! Piles of case notes & groups of patients sitting
down waiting for their names to be called. Its like a never-ending afternoon!

I worked non-stop for nearly 4hrs! Till 2PM, Joanna & Stella came & helped me after her
break. I did see some of them helping me for awhile, but after a few patients, they
disappeared. Stella knocked off at 3.30PM & she went slacking in the staff lounge. The
pile of case notes finally stopped growing at 4PM. By the time we are done with all the
patients, my head was aching like hell even after i knocked off & its with me throughout
the whole lesson & on my way home. Was complaining to Grace about my problems at
work, & thanks for lending me a ear!

The headache finally worn off when i reach home, & that explains why i took the syrup
before i went to bed. Yay, finally submitted both our project. *Sigh of relief! F1 started!
Did anyone went for the race? Its super cool, but super expensive too!

Note: Put up a poll in nuffnang! Pls help me to vote alright? Best viewed in IE. Anyone
can recommend any nice PSP games?