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Monday, September 22, 2008 0 Comments

Singapore on Friday suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from
China after its tests found some of these products were tainted with the chemical
melamine, which has killed at least four infants and sickened hundreds more in China.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority found melamine in samples of "Dutch Lady"
brand strawberry milk produced in China under the supervision of Friesland Coberco
Dairy Foods BV Holland.

"As a precautionary measure, AVA is...suspending the import and sale of all milk and
milk products from China with immediate effect," it said.

It has ordered retailers and importers to recall these products and withhold them from
sale until they have cleared its tests. In addition, it also ordered local food manufacturers
not to use milk and milk products from China as ingredients until the investigations are completed.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority said it will destroy the strawberry flavored
Dutch Lady milk made in China but other Dutch Lady products which are not made in
China are unaffected. It said its tests also found melamine in China-made fruit bar,
"Yili's Natural Choice Yogurt Flavored Ice Bar," a fruit bar made by Shanghai Yili AB
Foods Co. of China, which had already been suspended Wednesday after tests by Hong
Kong authorities found it to be contaminated.

New laboratory findings showed White Rabbit Creamy Candy from China & Dutch
Lady brand of strawberry-flavored milk. is also contaminated with melamine.


I received this sms stating that products like M&M, snickers, mento's yougurt in bottle,
dove choc, oreo wafer sticks, Dutchlady's sterilized milk, wall's all natural mango, mini
poppers & magnum ice-cream, moo sandwich ice-cream, mini cornetto & youcan
ice-cream was infected with melamine.

Almost everyone hav been receiving this sms & hav been forwarding it to all their friends
& relatives in Singapore. I guess, they wanted to send a mass sms to alert others. I
personally received 3 of the same one in the same day. How true is this?

I went to the supermarket after work today to get some tidbits & maggie for lunch tml.
But Daddy did warn me & forbid me to consume products from China. I took NongShim's
spicy mushroom cup noodles & read their manufacturer's content, & i saw it was from
China. For a moment, i was pondering whether to get it anot, but i still brought it in the
end. I think almost half of the product in a supermarket are from China. If it was really
that toxical, Singapore's Government would hav suspended all of them.

It did really freak me out when i look at the items from China. Cause we alrd hav this
mentally that China's product are not save for consuming, but till now only some are
suspended. Would you still get it even if its from China but is selling in Singapore?

Hopefully, everything will be cleared real soon! So we wun hav to think so much before
we get anything from the supermarket!


One of my blogskin got ripped again! Those who are using it, pls remove & use the original
skin by me! Damn! The ripper is really thick-skinned. Idiot!