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Saturday, September 20, 2008 0 Comments

Im so free for the past few days! No work, but lesson still going on as usual. I
stayed at home for the whole morning & afternoon. Practically doing nth, but
just wasting my time infront of my VAIO blogging & dreaming. Painted & cut
my nails as well to occupy myself. Met Stella in the evening for dinner at Tiong
Bahru & proceeded to class for lesson.

Im such a lazy person. Im practically switching off in the whole lecture. Wasnt
listening but talking away with Stella. We practice writing using our left hand &
its damn ugly! Went home after lesson. Reached home, bath & went down to
meet Bf. Bf brought me for supper. Slept at 2MN that very night.

Did not meet Bf today, he went to his friend's birthday party. Woke up at 10AM due
to noise pollution from sis. Wented to JE library with Stella. We wanted to look for
sm resources to prepare ourselves for the up-coming exams. But we didnt manage to
find books that are relevant & useful to us. What a day! Walked ard JEC & i brought
a dress.

Headed to Bugis for shopping. Its a girl's affair! As usual, Bugis is hot & quite crowded.
The pattern & style of all tops & bottoms in every shop are almost the same. We only
manage to get a top each from Bugis. Had our dinner at the Hong Kong Cafe. I ate hot
& spicy chicken rice & Stella had Char Siew rice. Our desert for today was Mango
pudding with mango toppings. We spend quite alot today, oh damn!

Proceeded to Town by train cause we wanted to get NUM's flip flops. Our sense of
direction are so poor! Took the wrong escalator & exit from the wrong door of the lift.
Unfortunately, when we reached the shop, nth attracts us. The salesperson told us that
its quite limited as most of their flip flops are out of stock so we decided to buy when new
designs are out. We were so tired when it was only 7PM, so headed home.

These are the picture that i editted, played with the tools. Hopefully its not ugly! Im kinda
tired, shall stop here!