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Sunday, September 21, 2008 0 Comments

NOTE: Application of being an affiliates will be taken off. I wun be exchanging
links with bloggers anymore. I will only link who i want to link. For those who
linked me, feel free to unlink me if you want to. Sorry cause links are way too
much! Many apologies, readers!

NOTE2: For the saking of replying to all button request, my tagboard will require
real email adds. I will reply all codes via email only. Cause some 0f them forget to
take their banners/buttons, so for the sake of those who forget, i strongly require
authentic email add if you are tagging for button request. Anyway, all tags with
necessary reply will be replied via email & if u did provide me with ur blog url i will
also reply in ur blog. Thanks!


Oh damn, its Mon tml, oh dear! Im sensing Monday Blues alrd! Why do good
weekends ends like the speed of a lightning?! Im thinking whether to get myself
a set of Adobe Photoshop package. I cant make up my mind! Damn, how?!

Today, i went to Bf's place. On our way to his place, i saw a Malaysian car dashing
across the green light. There are pedestrians crossing the road, but he didnt stop
yet dashing across! How can he?! This is not his territory man! Its like so dangerous
& incosiderate! I was like shocked cause Bf & i were crossing half-way & tadah, i saw
the car dashing. If he is in Singapore, he should obey our traffic rules! Even if you are
in Malaysia, i think the same traffic rules applies. If there is no such rule of stopping
when its green man, then what are traffic lights for?!

Bf accompanied me to collect my contact lenses. I brought 3 pairs of gray colored lens
& a pair of brown ones for my sis. After which, we went to hav our lunch, a bowl of fried
fish slice noodle each.
Headed to Bf's place after lunch. Went JP with Bf for dinner. Brought
a pair of sandals from Charles & Keith. My tummy is sick. I hav been having this gastric
or stomachache for the pass few days. It always happens at night. Damn, dunc knw what
is happening inside my tummy! My Sdupit sdupit idiotic Bf, shall not blog abt it!

Im so happy & relieved. We finally finished our project on time. We did it both via online
discussion. One is due this coming Wed & another on Fri. Redo some part for a couples of
time cause when we showed our lecturer, sm wasnt very relevant, thrfore, we hav to do
sm editting. After these projects are submitted, i hav to concentrate on my exams alrd.
Damn, i will be taking the supplimentary papers instead of the actual papers due to my
work commitments. Damn, just not our luck that we couldnt take off on the actual days.

Anyway, i hav sm new updates in my blog. I hav written them in red on the beginning
of the post, i guess its quite obvious right? Sorry for the applications of the affiliates &
asking you readers to exposed your email adds. So sorry people, i didnt mean to!
Readers, Enjoy the week ahead & take care of urself!


Damn! Dunc make me pissed! Recently, i saw someone imposing me & appearing in
other people's blog. They tag in other's tagboard using my name! WTF! You like to use
my name so much? You love my name so much? Have some originality! Create your

own perfect cyber nickname & use it proudly, dunc impost me by using my name! You
doesnt gain anything from this, so stop it! I dunc knw who he/she
is but he/she is really
too free to do such useless thing?! Can you fucking stop this useless
act?! These are
damn brainless people living in Earth! Make me so pissed now, IDIOT! Im investigating.
Idiot, you left ur IP thrfore, im using ur IP to track you down!