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Sunday, September 28, 2008 0 Comments

Having been with Bf for nearly 3 solid years, this my first trip with Bf to the SG
Science Center. Memories of Science center was brought back to my childhood
days. I rmbed we used to hav educational trip where we will be brought to the
Science Center everytime. That was during my childhood days, my primary sch
days. I rmbed vividly that we always hate to go thr cause when thr is an excursion,
most likely we will go to the Science Center.

I lost touch with Science center after im in Secondary school. Have not been thr for
like nearly 6yrs! Most of the things changes. When we are buying the tickets, one of
the staff thought we brought our kids for an educational trip cause many parents
brought their kids thr to learn & exposed them out of the well. Both of us then look at
each other & shake our head. LOL!

We were in the center for like 3hrs. Its quite huge, Bf & I were like 2 big kids, playing
& exploring all the exhibition's items. Ate KFC as im craving for it. Bus home after our
dinner. Bf came over to my hse for awhile & home sweet home!

Taken these pictures below. Yucks, i look so kiddy & short! FYI, im a shorty! But i like
the way im! Small petite me! Wondered what the 1st image in the 2nd row is? Its a shock
chair! It will transmit electricity to your body when you sit on it. To simplify it, its a chair
which will shock your arsh! But the lucky thing is, you need to insert a dollar coin in order
to let it work. Luckily, if not, anyone that touches the chair will be electrocuted! Thats is so
kinda scary!

There is nth wrong with your eyes. Thats an F1 sport car! I didnt went to the F1 show, bt
Science Center is currently exhibiting these F1 cars due to the F1 show. Its cool & pretty!
How i hope i own a Ferrari sport car! Duh, im dreaming away, wake up luh! Fat hope,

Bf said he has a new love. He no longer loves me! He has got another woman outside! He
loves her now. Should i dump my Bf? His new love is Fara Lee. Damn! Guess who is she?
Correct ans got prize! *Kidding!

Aww, goodbye weekends! I hate Monday! Anyway, thr will be a public holiday on Wed,
& im looking forward to it! Sorry, to all readers! Today's post is super duper short uh!

Thanks FangMin, my portfolio won the 3rd place in her contest, do visit alright?