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Wednesday, October 01, 2008 0 Comments


This shall be my saddest entry for Year 2008. Stella & I left SNEC on 30th-Oct. The
reason is, the center wanted to cut their cost, & we are given only 6 pathetic days
to work in Oct. We are really sick of working in that particular place. We put in our
best during work & yet scoldings & scoldings paid us off everyday too. & the worst
part is, i wasnt entitled to an off day during my exam day, 20th-Oct. What am i going
to do on that day? If i were to take the sub papers, it will be 3mths ltr. This aint fair

We are just like students whom are attached to the center, thus clearing & cleaning
those shitty jobs for others. Some of the nurses just likes to suck up on the others &
vice versa, sucking up to the top management. While the others just likes to lay
around, doing nth yet instructing others to work. Bad-mouthing & gossiping are part
of the daily routine. This is just too sucky!

We tried our best, yet this is what we get. I seriously thinks that the management
are not doing their jobs. This aint called "management" at all! I love the center, but
jus hate the management & some staff! If its without any bad people, i guess many
will be very happy to stay around.

Anyway, i admit that im sad for im leaving. Not sad because im leaving the center,
but sad cause i lost many good friends & cliques. Everyday, we will motivate & encourage
each other when smth goes wrong, console & consult each other when we encounters
problems. The unity, trust, bonding & rapport within us makes us so close. I cant
bear to leave you people! Sigh, but i got to leave! I feel like bursting into tears when i
was stepping out of the center, but i controlled myself hard. Work hard people! Stay
united & not get bullied alright?

A new start, a new life, a new job & a new environment that im gonna adapt. Im going
to giv myself a short break & start finding jobs nxt Mon with Stella. Hopefully, Stella
& i will be able to work in the same firm. Everything hav to start all over again! Stress!

Met Bf after work. Thanks Boy for everything! He accompanied me when i needed him.
He cheered me up & sent me home. Bf wanted to play bball, but wanted to accompany
me, thrfore, he cycled with his friends to my area & played in a court near my area. He
cycled me around & i joined in the fun. I didnt really play as i wasnt those sporty type.
They are damn cute & funny last night. They climbed on each other's tigh & climbed up
to the ring & pretend as though they slamed the dunk. Its a brillant idea uh?

Went for supper but it was raining heavily. Cycled in the heavy rain & it was freaking
cold & wet. Bf's friend had a fall under my block & he suffered a big laceration on his
left eyebrown. The blood was like dripping down non-stop. Brought him to my house
& did sm dressing for him. Luckily, it wasnt deep & he is alright!

An uncle of mine just got married this mth. My uncle is abt 50plus but he married a
girl which was only 25. She was brought from Vietnam. I feel so sad for her, not that
my uncle is bad guy, but he has got a bad habit, gambling.

I pity her cause she was brought over using cash. Its like selling herself away to some
unknown strangers. A marriage without love, romance & dates. Its like ure unable to
foresee the future with your life-long partner cause you will never knw what will
happen to you after your marriage. I dunc knw if its her parents whom are super duper
poor, thrfore, they hav to sell their daughter away in order to survive. Will they be able
to keep their mind in peace & stay with no worries after they sell away their daughter
to someone unknown?

Luckily, i thank god for im not leaving in poverty. I still can choose who i want to be, &
how i want to manipulate my future. This is so unfair to her. Sigh! Everything in this
world is unfair. There is people who are freaking wealthy, & people who are freaking
poor. WHY?