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Friday, October 03, 2008 0 Comments

This shall be a short post cause i dunc really hav much things to blog abt for
the past two days. I felt so tired. Slept late but wake up early everyday. I did
smth bad on Thur!

Met Bf at 11PM on Thur. He brought me into Chong Pang Camp which he was
attached to last time. He had a meet up with his army friends for lunch. I had
to lie in order to get into the camp as its security was v tight.

I claimed as a student on attachment & managed to get into the camp. We hav
to declare our IC & lock our camera phones into the locker provided. This is the
first time really went into an army camp. Its coolness! Too bad its against the
law to take pictures of the camp, if not, i will sure snap lotsa images to do the

Had KFC & they sat down to chit chat after our meal. After an hr or so, each
of them headed seperate ways. Bf accompanied me back to Jurong as i wanted
to post sm registered mail to my blogshop's client. The que was super long & it
took us nearly 30mins. Headed to Bf's place to rest for a while before i proceed
to Chua Chu Kang to meet Stella.

While i was on my way in the bus, i realised that i left my handphone in Bf's place.
I was running late, yet i had no phone or number to contact her. I felt helpless.
Nowadays, i think handphones are an essential in our life. Without handphones,
we will be helpless in everyway in case of emergency or whatever. I was late for
10 mins, but i was thinking if she will walk off to look for me in the mall. Luckily,
she stayed in the control station & kept looking ard for me. Sorry girl!

I seriously need a phone with me at all times if not i cant survive. I guess we
Singaporean depend too much on technologies nowadays. Im sure no one would
be able to survive without handphones or a computer in our life, right?

As for today, i stayed at home for the whole day till evening. Watched "Fated To
Love You" for the whole afternoon. Finally i got time to watch them! Went for
my lesson in the evening. Didnt really wanted to go but Bf insist that i should go
as exams are around the corner & i hav to go cause i paid so much for the lesson.

As usual, the lesson was boring & dry. Things didnt really get into my brains, &
the lecturer was so naggy & i didnt even catch the main points. I smth wondered
if i had made the right choice to study this course not, anyway, its too late to regret
now! I need to start revising for my exams arld as i kept on talking & not listening
in the last 9 lessons.

Im not a good student. My friend & I went off during our break. We are too restless
to continue with the lesson. Headed to meet Bf in Ngee Ann Poly as he went gyming
in the evening. Went supper with Bf near his area. Took a cab home as i was too lazy
to wait for the bus. Im tired!

I hav been jobless for a few days alrd, & i guess i wun be looking for a job till my
exams are over in the late Oct. I dunc knw why, i felt so lost & unsecured. Im still
searching for the dreams with the direction which i wanted . Seriously, the truth is,
i dunc even hav a dream or a target of my own. I dunc knw what i wanted & i seem
so aimless now. Tell me what am i supposed to do?


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