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Sunday, October 12, 2008 0 Comments

This will be a short entry. Doesn't really hav lots of things to post. Im tired & sleepy.
Its due to the flu medicine. Im so sorry girls & guys!

My cybershot is back & alive now! Bf accompanied me to collect in Wisma. SE service
center was pretty efficient. I just spend 5 mins in the center & its my turn for collection.
Unlike Nokia Care, i spend abt an hr each time & that sucks! Hooray to SE~

Oh damn, im sick again! True enough, im having this flu bud inside me & is causing
my nose to be runny! Im feeling terrible man! Blocked nose accompanied by my sexy
voice. Bf says mayb im having a fever, cause i feel hot. But my temperature is alright.

Its so unlucky to fall sick for the 2nd time in this year. Ate flu tablet last night & its not
getting any better! It might be because of sensitive nose that cause me to hav runny

Yay, mum brought a new set of furniture in my room. Finally, its changed after so
many years. A set of new cupboards & a set of queen-sized bed for me & Sis. My room
is not tat messy now. But my room does hav this "new furniture smell" which is i dunc
like, it smells awful man! This may be the cause, the irritant of my flu!

Bf informed me after im out that he will be coming over to my place cause i cant go over
to his place due to some reason. Its a wasted trip after all! Damn, carried my laptop to
& fro his & my place. Its seriously heavy man!

Alright, Bf just snap a picture of me wearing a pig head which i think its damn funny! Pls
do not laugh at me, but i think you will! *Shy Shy* Pls enjoy!


I hav added 6 new cursors for Pink-Inc! Click on the image below to view those
new cursors. Hopefully it aint ugly. Do support, Thanks!


I hav edited my "link" part, its more organized now with categories for easy
reference. I hav also added in my skinning history under "Visitor". I added
this section cause im sick & tired of people asking "Can teach me how to make
blogskin?" or "How do you do animations?" etc. Pls kindly refer for all the ans.

I hav alrd changed & updated to Sg-Blogger-Directory's link. I hav gone thru
every single links in thr & remove all dead links. Its so tiring cause thr is so much
links to review & many of them change their url.

Sorry, i took such a long time before i update, im real lazy to do it! Anyway, its all
done. Im trying to spice up SBD, but im still tinking how to. Anyone got any idea?
Feel free to gimmi any feedback or comments. Thanks!