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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 0 Comments

Im bored! I hav been staying at home for the past two days, practically staring
at my laptop screen, & writing of my notes. Exams are around the corner, & im
not prepared for it, thus, im working hard everyday!

My poor hands are aching away cause i wrote tons of notes. I still got lots of chpt
which i hav not touched on. I definitely hav to pull up my socks alrd! Aww, im
feeling sleepy when i read those notes! Pls help?!

Bf is mad at me due to some stupid reasons. He was complaining to me abt sm
matters when i was sleeping but i ignored him. Im seriously not at a right state
of mind when i was talking to him. I didnt even knw what i was doing at that point
of time when he called me. He was totally mad at me & is ignoring me now. Hais,
i dunc knw what to do! :(

Baby, i know its my fault, please dunc be so petty like a girl! Baby, im sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry alright! Pls forgive me?! Next time, i will be there when you need
me alright! I wun let you be so empty anymore~ Ring me up when you see this?

Baby, I Love You, always & forever!


Ok, lets hav a picture-telling session. I read some emails, & this mail touches me &
im sharing it with everybody here in case you didnt receive this mail. Im going to
make up a short story not more then 200 words using the pictures provided, &
bloggers can make up their own story & tag it in my tagboard.

Sorry, if im not good in my writing!

Let's begin.. .. ..

Let me name the wounded bird Forever, & the other bird Love.

Love & Forever planned to move their nest as Love was pregnant & they needed
a bigger tree for a bigger nest. Forever wanted to hunt for a good place first before
they start shifting themselves over to their new house. Therefore, Forever asked
Love to stay in the old nest while Forever went hunting for a new one.

Just when Forever wanted to cross the road, a big truck came towards her & hit her
right on his leg. Forever fell right onto the ground & was chipping for help. Love saw
the incident & quickly flew to the rescue.

Just as Love landed, Forever fainted on the ground. Love panicked, & was chipping
sadly, hoping that her husband will wake up. However, Love did not gave up but
continued chipping, hoping that miracle would happened & someone would come to
the rescue. But, Forever did not wake up, but was lying still on the floor, motionless.

Love was lost, as things happened in a blink of an eye. Because of this incident, She
was left widowed throughout her pregnancy.