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Thursday, October 09, 2008 0 Comments

Alright, i hav been laying at home for the past few days. Rotting cum lazy!
How i wish i can be staying at home like a "Tai Tai" all day long. Not worrying
abt financial problems at all times! Who doesnt want this type of life?

Anyway, im just day-dreaming! I will be working for the whole day tml as a
part-timer in my clinic. I just dunc feel like working, but for the sake of one
thing, money, i hav to force myself to go. My handphone is dead for the 5th
days now. Im lazy to bring it to the hospital for emergency rescue. Shall see
when im free & hardworking to make my way down to the service center.

I hav been busy making blogskins & banner designs. New ones to come along
soon! As usual, my blogskins is pinkish & kawaii. My usual style. Im rewarding
my readers with blogskins starting from today! All exclusive blogskins will be
announced here as well as in my blogshop.

Ok, as seen in the entry below, i hav made a blogskin exclusively for my readers
only. Anyway, i would be making skins exclusively for readers in the future if the
current response are good. These skin aint found in blogskins or any other website,
meaning it will not expose to public for the time being. Therefore, you will be the
first few to grab it & the first few to make it as your blog's layout. Anyone that is
interested can tag me with your email & i will send the codes to you personally.

Click for live Preview for exclusive readers!

Changed my blogshop's layout as i find it too too boring! Made a few banners too!
Shall let you have a live preview of my new made banner! Nice?! Comment people!
These banners will be available in my portfolio real soon, tune on readers!


New banners & two disclaimer banner put up in PORTFOLIO @ Pink-Inc.