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Monday, October 27, 2008 0 Comments



Im back from my 3D2N trip. FYI, i went to my granny's place in Malaysia! I miss
my lappy super lots. I think im addicted to my lappy & the cyber world. Im super
tired too cause of the long car trip & the early wake-ups everyday.

Day1: We set off at 3PM, & there was a serious jam in Tuas Checkpoint. Therefore,
we were being held up for an hour. Weather was hot & humid. Dined in for dinner
at 8PM. Well, we ordered Chilli crab, mixed veggie, deer meat & hotplate toufu. It
taste delicious, & the meal was sponsored by me & sis to celebrate our mum's bday!
Reached granny's place at 9PM, wash-up, chit-chat & went to bed.

Day2: Woke up earlier then usual, at 9AM. Daddy drove us out for breakfast. We had
Bak Kut Teh for breakfast, & its damn delicious!! After breakfast, we went shopping
in a small mall, Mum did some market-ing while i brought chocolate & gums. Gums
is a must-buy item when u enter Malaysia cause its prohibited in SG.

Many of my uncles & aunties brought their kids to my granny's place, & omg, the kids
are damn noisy & naughty can! They scream, shout & run like nobody's business!
The weather is 2times hotter then SG, & even if you on the air-con, it takes no effect
on you too. Cramped with kids accompanied by the humid weather, makes me damn
pissed, so i run over to my cousin's place. At least there are no kids to bother me.
Time pass damn slow without my lappy! Slept at 12MN as i was chatting with my
cousin till v late.

Day3: I got lots of mozzie attack when i was sleeping in the every night. Waked up
at 6AM, & started out journey back to SG at 7AM. When i woke up today, i couldn't
open my left eye, & when i look into the mirror, i found out that it was swollen. Im
not sure what cause it to swell, perhaphs i got an insect bite. Its damn ugly luh!

More info about the place i went.

There are alot of mosquito & housefly over there. My defination of many is not like
10 flies, its like more then 20 alright! Image 20 housefly flying on your dinner table
when you are having your dinner, its like omg! Whenever i want to eat, i hav to open
my eyes big & keep a lookout for flies or wadever, & i dunc even dare to eat alot.

There are alot of wild dogs & cats. You can even run after a chicken cause they breed
their own chickens. All their eggs are from the chicken they breed, & the veggie are
from their backyard. They dunc go to the supermarket often, cause its an hour journey
to the nearest one. Their walls are made of woods, & roof are made of aluminum tiles.
Their floors are black in color - i dunc know made of what.

The place where they stay are surrounded by forest, & inside, there are alot trees,
frogs, snakes, & many unnamed animals. When it reaches evening, the roads are so
dark that even if your friend is standing next to you, you cant even see your friend,
cause its way too dark. Few years back, there aint any network reception at all. You
cant send sms/call out using your handphone, recently then the network is available.
I cant tolerate the living lifestyle over there, dirty & humid cause its in a rural place.

But they are living in a way slower pace then SG. They owned many lands which they
planted rubber trees, oil-plumb tree & fruit tree & they worked in their lands for a
living. Its like a own time, own target thing, but their income is low. Life over there is
super carefree for the kids, they run around the village as & when they like, & their
parents nv really pressure them to study.

I believe if you were to go there, you sure want to go home immediately. I feel very
fortunate to be brought up in SG!

I didnt manage to snap alot of pics, sorry!


I hav got this problem with MSN, hope someone can solve it for me. Whenever
someone adds me, i cant see him/her in my list, how can i solve this problem?
I hav got more then a thousand contact in my list, if i delete some, can it help
to solve the problem? Pls help!


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