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Friday, October 24, 2008 0 Comments

Yay, finally, im free of exams, but just for the time being. I will have an exam once
every three month. Seriously, i didnt really studied for today's paper as i was so
addicted to my lappy. & also, in a mass MSN conversation with Xiaorene, Lisa,
Pauline, Agnes & Amelia for a few hours. I find that they are so cool luh! We all
created a blog, hoping to make it famous, do visit Anti-AgnesChan@bs.

Even though i was very happy cause exams are over, but my worries started again.
Its time to go on a job-hunt. I was quite vexed on which area i should go into. I may
be giving up Nursing for real this time. I hope to try smth new. A new expirence & a
new start. An office job perhaphs?

Anyway, thanks for the concern from everyone whom asked me how im feeling now,
im feeling much better after my visit to the doctor. The doctor prescribed some vitamins,
anti-inflammatory, anti-pyrexia & laxatives & after 1 dose, all pain are gone. Hooray
to Dr.Lai! But the laxatives made me hav diahorrea for 2 days. Im quite worried this
morning as im went in & out of the restman for 2 times. Luckily, i took sm medication
to stop the diahorrea & it really stopped. Miss Mense visited me.

Met Stella & her Bf in JE, & her Bf drove us to IMM. Wanted to go Starhub's center to
get myself an additional new prepaid number, but the que was super long. I was just a
number away from the number that they are serving, but i waited for 20mins, & was
about to be late for my exam. Therefore, we went off without getting things done, had
a quick lunch & Stella's Bf drove us to school. Fortunately, we were not late for exam.

Went over to Bf's place after my exam. Slack, & watched Hot Shot. I cant wait for all
the episode to be out, its damn slow man! Im getting impatient soon! I will not be
blogging for the next few days as im going back to my granny's place in Malaysia. I
seriously dunc really like the environment in granny's hse cause she stayed in a rural
place in Malaysia. Shall snap sm images of the living condition, & let the picture tells
the story in my next entry!