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Sunday, October 19, 2008 0 Comments

Im getting real real vexed & stressed due to exam & my job status. I enjoyed
myself for i lay rotting at home for the pass 3 weeks. Its real relaxing & how i
wish i could stay that way for the rest of my life, but i cant do without a job
cause of financial issues.

However, i will try get things done one step at a time. For now, i will rather
concentrate on my exams first. I already hav smth in mind which i wanted to
be, but just a little afraid of my decision. Shall reconsider again when im done
with those fuxking exams!

Im starting to hate studying. I thought those nursing's content were the most
complex subject to get them into my head, but now, i found a tougher one. Its
really getting on my nerves. No matter how much i read, it just could not stay
in my head. Its damn irritating alright! Its as if im wasting my time, reading
smth which i couldn't memorize nor understand.

I seriously dunc knw how am i going to make myself understand & absorb those
notes into my brain by tml. Im so not prepared can! Regretted a little for taking
this course, but i hav not much choices left. Im blaming myself for not studying
hard enough in the past. Im afraid of my future & i cant even see a bright one.

In the ancient times, people always believes,

Ways to excel & pass your exam with flying colours:
❤ Burn your notes/textbook & drink with water
❤ Sleep with your textbook/notes under your pillow
so that it will get transferred into your brain

How i hope these methods works so that all students need not study so hard &
get so stressed up with exams. But, thats all folks! I know we need to work hard
in order to excel in our studies. Therefore, i shall study whatever i can from now
onwards till the exam starts. Let me get my butt moving & stay clear of my beloved

Big thanks to Bf, cause he helped me & push me to study for the whole day today,
& didnt get the chance to play computers games because of me. Thanks for being
there for me when i needed you! Loves~