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Monday, October 20, 2008 0 Comments

Met Stella in the afternoon for lunch before going for our exams. Trained all the
way to Chua Chu Kang. While im on my way thr, i received a call from Eye Center,
they asked me if i wanted to go back to the center to work, but i rejected them. I
want to start afresh!

We dined into Pizza Hut for lunch. Yummy! Recently, i dunc know why my appetite
seems to get smaller as days goes. I could eat double or triple the amount of what i
can eat now in the past. I think my stomach shrunk cause i ate very little everyday
for the past 3 weeks at home.

Let me blog briefly about exams. I was so nervous before the exam, & i had
tummy ache when i woke up just now. The exam questions are alright, but im still
scared that i might flunk it. I dunc hav much confidence in myself!

Was given 3 hours to do the paper, but i pass up the exam papers half way thru the
exam. I already did what i know, & i couldn't rmb sm of the answers for sm of the
questions. Aww, God bless me pls!


A new blogskin up! This time, its not a pink & kawaii skin anymore. Its a gray
flowery navigational skin. Sorry if it looks ugly to you. Do comment, thanks!