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Thursday, October 23, 2008 0 Comments

Its damn unlucky to be sick the day before my exam. My two poor little tonsils
are terribly swollen & painful for the past 3 days. Im like a water tank, over flooded
with water inside me, yet its worsening.

It feels like im having this big & swollen growth on my tonsils, & whenever i swallow
my saliva, i felt the pain there. Its damn fustrating! Even if im talking or bending
my neck slightly downwards, i will feel the pain in there. This is terrible!

I felt worst today. My thyroid glands seems to be swelling up, im having this muscle
ache all over me which makes me so lethargic & these are signs & symptoms of falling
sick. I feed myself with tons of medication, but im not feeling better at all!

I dunc even hav the mood & i cant concentrate on my studies. Tml will be my last paper,
yet im so not prepared for i did not study for the past few days. Help, this is not a good
timing to fall sick, i need to prepare myself for the exams tml!

Im going to visit the doctor ltr, i need to seek treatment asap!

Seen & been to the doctor, i was diagnosed with a virus infection & a slight fever & that is
the cause of the swollen thyroid glands & tonsils. I was given tons of medication by the
doctor. Image i hav to swallow 13 tablets each for three times a day? Hopefully, i will
get better by tonight. Need to bug for my exams!


Read thru some mails, & i found smth interesting, yet disgusiting! What do you people
thinks & feels about body piercing? I personally thinks that its ok if i see piercing in sm
parts of the body, like the eye, tragus, eyebrown, tongue, lower & upper lips & naval.

I have got 7 piercing on both ear loops, 1 on the tragus & 1 on my naval. I used to think
that having piercing are quite cool in my teenager days but after having them, i think
even it looks cool, its useless on me too.