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Monday, November 03, 2008 0 Comments

Alright, im happy that i hav got another SOTD in my record. This is the 4th time,
but i knw its not perfect yet. Will work harder for a good skin that deserves the
title, Skin Of The Day (SOTD).

Slept late ystd as i was editting my blogskin. Saw any difference in it? Not much of
a big difference but i changed my disclaimer banner & added in some hover effect
for my navigation. Boring Navigation - no more! Hopefully, its not irritating when
you hover thru my navigation.

Nothing interesting to blog about cause i stayed at home all day long. Its damn damn
damn boring can! I got so bored till i kept staring at my lappy's screen but was doing
nth. Luckily, i still got my lappy, blog & cyber friends to chat with everyday. Thanks
you very for the company girls!

This is for laughter. Do read carefully & you will catch the joke!

Reason why boss can faint when he see this kinda form filled by the interviewer.

Name: Ah Boy
Age: Still young
Sex: Never. Still under age
Religion: I only have experience praying my cat who dead 2 years before
Race: I love to race, how you know?
Nationality: I don't like National, I prefer Sanyo
IC Number: 6735
Telephone number: House no telephone
Hand phone number: 3310
Address: Penang Jelutong
City : Nor Haliza?
Postcode: I never post anything
State: In my family, I am 2nd
Country: I love to travel to Canada
Marriage status: Secret
Email Address: Hotmail
Education Background: My teacher said not bad
Working experience: Last time got sell pirated VCD
Father's name: Daddy
Father's IC: You ask him
Mother's name: Mummy
Mother's IC: You ask her
Current Salary: Depends on my daddy mood
Expected Salary: As much as you can pay
When can start work: Depends on my mood
Highest qualification: Ya, very high
Grade: Ya, very high
College/University: College
Signature: Can I use chop?


Alright, been & back from work. Its kinda chaotic during work. Patients keeps
coming in, & we are so damn busy. Anyway, nxt Thur will be my last day in the
clinic. So wanted to continue working, but i cant afford to work due to my jumbled
up schedule for my lesson.

Met Bf for lunch & dinner. Had KFC feast. Its super duper fatty but most of all, i
like the large whipped. Walked around in JP, brought a blue heels which is very
cheap cause its a warehouse sales. Bf brought a geeky specs which is super cool
luh! LOL! Wanted to hav Swenson's ice-cream, but the restaurant was closed
down for renovation. Headed home then.

Anyway, i will not be able to update my blog daily from Wed onwards as i hav
accepted a 2 weeks assignment in a clinic in NUH. Im so damn poor now as im
jobless for more then a month now. Pathetic uh! Money is important, but so does
this blog. Im so addicted to blogging now!

School is starting next week too, i was given a 1 week term break only. So damn
pathetic luh! Thanks to Cat who send me the timetable. I will be packed with lessons
at night for 3 days in a week. Oh damn, i guess i will be damn tired cause i still hav
lesson after work. Oh damn, this is gonna be terrible!

Hopefully, i can mange it well!