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Thursday, October 30, 2008 0 Comments

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Goodbye, blogskin!

Readers, do you prefer this or the previous one? I spent nearly 4hrs to do this skin.
I like both of them, but i hav not change skin for a v long time, therefore decided to
use the new one. YAY, new skin, hooray~

Super thanks to Xiaorene, Lisa & Joanne. They kept giving me feedbacks & ideas
while i was doing my current layout. Thanks babe-s!

Giv me some comments on my new skin pls?
Should i submit my previous skin to blogskins.com?



Today i was woke up by a phone call. Guess what? An agency rang me up & she was
looking for Wendy. She said that she found a job for me, & its in some specialist clinic
which Wendy worked in. After she talked for some time, i find it amiss, & asked her
who she is, where she was from. She is an unknown person to me, from an ulu place.

From there, i knew she rang the wrong Wendy in her contact list. Its funny thou. I
knew i saw & know her when i was attached to Alexander Hospital but has forgotten
her presence. Since she was from a employment agency, therefore i went to Parkmall
Shopping Center for the interview. Hope she will help me in the job-hunt.

Xiaorene asked me if i want to join a competition called the "Vain of the month". Its
about submitting your own editted image, & i submitted this which was taken 2-3
years back! Cool right? My favourite pic!

Let me bring back some memories of some cuties!