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Saturday, November 08, 2008 0 Comments

Pls note that this is going to be a short post. I was freaking tired till i slept till quite
late today. How i hope i can sleep till so late everyday. Today is just another boring
day for me.

As usual, i brought my lappy with me to Bf's place. Im so hooked up to the cyber-
world, addicted to it! I seriously cant live without my lappy for a day.

Met Bf & his friends for lunch first then we headed to the NTUC. Went grocery-
shopping. Brought 2 cups of strawberry yogurt, a pack of Kit-Kat, 2 tubs of mint ice-
cream & a box of cone. Brought those junk food & headed back to Bf's place.

Watched Hot Shot episode 14 just now. It tooked me nearly 4 hours to finish the
episode cause the streaming is fuxking slow & im damn pissed when it keeps on
pausing. Anyone hav a better website that provides a faster streaming?

Bf is so sweet. Today's dinner was cooked by him. Although its simple with noodles,
eggs & tofu, but its sweet of him cause i didnt help at all. Though it doesnt taste that
fantastic, but appreciated it. Thanks baby!

Cabbed home after our dinner. Aww, i hav been cabbing home almost everytime from
Bf's place. Sorry for im just simply too too lazy to take a bus home. Thanks Bf for the

Aww, in 24hours, my weekends are over! I hate it man! I seriously dunc look forward
to nxt week. Those hardship are starting nxt week! Damn! Alrighty, im very very tired!
Nights reader!

Thanks Isabel for the prize - a banner.


I suggest that everyone should stop eating oreo products from today onwards. I
feel so disgusted after seeing the following article from my email.

Whenever you eat a biscuit that have got sugar/cream in the middle, we
must be
extra carefully. Whenever you eat something with cream, please
open your eyes
wider & look out for any abnormalities of the product.

Her roommate just bought an OREO biscuit with chocolate taste from 7-11, before she
bite it, she saw something strange in the middle part where the cream is, to her
surprise, she saw many small holes which is white in color. she thought it’s impossible
that the OREO have got new product with new a taste? She wondered if those are the
undissolved sugar in the cream? But this looked fishy. She checked & saw that was the
correct box with the chocolate taste, & not the white chocolate and there’s no fruit
added in it. She then checked the expiry date but its not expired.

She then opened the biscuit & its full of white small holes that looks like the spoiled eggs
of a maggot’s nest, so disgusting! Luckily my friend’s eyesight is sharp, if not she would
have eaten it! We then checked through the net to see if someone encountered the same
problem, true enough, there’s a victim with a similar encounter on January, but the
incident happened ½ year ago, shocked that we still found the same product after so long.

And so she took the pack back to the 7-11 to asked for a refund, but the white spots
disappeared, & it’s been dissolved into the cream. My friend then opened another packet
and there is another pack full of that disgusting thing. Luckily the shop staff was willing to
refund the money to my friend.