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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 0 Comments

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PARTTWO - Nobody understands me!

Im getting pretty sick & tired of staying at home! Everyday my parents & sister
would qns me "Had you found a job?!". I know i need a job, but i know what im
doing! I know my limits! Can you people stop asking this bloody irritating qns
anymore? I felt so pressurized by that sentence! I knw i shldnt be sitting at home
& do nth, but i didnt ask anyone of you for money, so why care so much?!

All i want to say is - One step at a time!

PARTTHREE - The blur sotong!

Woke up very early this morning & i felt so boring! Therefore, decided to do some
household chores. Wash the dishes, tidied my house & mopped the whole house. It
was quite tiring!

Sat infront of my laptop again till late afternoon. I didnt hav my lunch as Mum was
not around & i was lazy to cook. Bf rang me up & asked if i wanted to go dinner with
him, so i agreed. I was damn hungry & guess what?! I ate 2 shares - a bowl of noodles,
a plate of fried carrot cake & a chicken wing!

Bf commented, "Are you a girl or a boy? Your size is so petite, yet you hav such an
amazing big appetite! OMG!!"

I replied, "I know my appetite is huge! But who cares? No matter how much i eat,
i know i wun grow fat!"

Finished our dinner & headed to the arcade to look around. Bf played 1 round of
Drum Mania & we headed to the basement. Bf & i entered the lift. Upon entering,
i pressed on the 3rd story button but the button didnt light up.

I told Bf, "Is the lift spoilt, i press on the button but it didnt light up?! Maybe we
should go out & wait for another one!"

Bf replied, "Look at which button ure pressing?! We are going to the basement, this
is the 3rd story & you are pressing on the 3rd story's button, of cause the button wun
light up!"

I was thinking what the fuxk im doing yet laughed non-stop at my action! Im such a
dumbo! So blur can?! I dunc knw what im day-dreaming about at that point of time
& why i pressed on that 3rd story's button.

This shall be the joke of the day! Walked around & headed home!