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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 0 Comments

One word to describe - exhausted! Today's clinic was atrocious! Cases came in all at
a time & im working like a real mad girl running everywhere! Didnt hav the time &
chance to take a little rest till afternoon. Miss Mense visted again. My system hav
gone haywire. Sigh!

Some bloody fuxking patients keep pestering me cause they are impatience & cant
wait for their turn. But im working alone & i hav got only a pair of legs & hands! I tried
my best to do everything in the fastest speed i can, what more can they expect from
me?! If only i hav got 10 pairs hands & legs or im a superwoman!

Luckily, i was with another nurse in the afternoon, but we got scolded by a damn idiotic
patient! Was quite busy as well in the early afternoon, & he came & was like standing
infront of my room door. Therefore i approached him & asked him if he is ready for
the test, but he shouted at me saying that we did not explain what we are going to do.
Hell, its not us who register the patient & the one registered for him famed me! He
commented that we are talking instead of working, but we are too busy to even talk!
Damn, i hate these unreasonable pest!

Finished work & rushed to my campus to meet Reb for dinner. Reb's friend suddenly
asked her out for free movie, therefore, she agreed for the meet out. I was damn tired
by then & was not in a mood to study as my mind was alrd switched off in lala-land.
Was thinking whether i should stay for the lesson or head home & after sorting out, my
decision is to head home. Such a nonsensical act of mine! Waste of my time & money!

Anyway, i realised that some people likes to copy people's idea without asking permission
from the creator. If someone who hav initiative would hav at least either credited him/
her or ask for permission first before proceeding! Why would you need people to remind
you to credit?! I know, everyone including me hates rippers & copycats, yet you want to
be named as one too?! Think over it!

I was just joking with Xiaorene about her joke's banner & there, so kind of her to make
me one too! LOL! Girl, i was seriously joking abt the banner thing, but thanks, appreciate
it v much!


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