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Saturday, November 15, 2008 0 Comments

Yay, im back for good for the moment i guess! Regarding my previous post about the
magic card, its just to trick everyone who is reading my blog. Did you get tricked?!
Seriously, i did! Im jus too stupid to get tricked cause maybe im too tired due to work
& school therefore, im not so alert. For those who tagged me & did not get tricked, you
are still alert & conscious!

Completed my assignment & currently im jobless once again. Goodbye NUH, Neurology
Center! This assignment is quite a tiring one, cause im being thrown in a room all by
myself. Lotsa patients, & lotsa procedure to be done too. Super fuxking tired!! Let me
recap what happened for the pass few days.

WED - 12.11.08

Atrocious is the word to describe my day. Had lesson after work, but i skipped lesson
again for the second time. None of my friends went, but initially i wanted to go, but guess
what? Im blur enough a bring the wrong textbook out, therefore, i decided to skip lesson
& went over to Bf's place. Im such a muddle-headed girl!

THUR - 13.11.08

None other then the usual, a busy day! Had to rush to work for my PT job again after
work. Its terrible! Dragged myself as i was too tired. I quit my PT job as i was too
packed with evening classes for 3 days a week. I wondered how am i going to hold on for
the next 9 weeks! Oh damn, my left eye-lid was quite swollen & painful at night before i
sleep. The moment i blink my eye, its painful. I hav no idea what is causing the pain, but i
guess its because i accidentally scratched it & thus causing some laceration on the lid.
Pain, please go away!

FRI - 14.11.08

Aww, my lid is still painful after a sleep. Lesson again after work! But this time, i went
for the lesson. Boring & tired. Met Stella for lunch & headed to class. The lecturer is so
long-winded, & he keeps telling us about his experience which is supposed to be quite
interesting, but it turn out to be boring cause he is too long-winded thus causing me to
daze off easily. Bf came to fetch me from school. Sorry to keep you waiting, love! Went
for supper with Bf near his place & i took a cab home. I hav been cabbing home most of
the time from Bf's place & i know its wasting his money everytime.

Today is my rest day! Too tired to go out, therefore, shall rot at home! I realized that alot
of bloggers hav been using "PARTONE/PARTTWO" etc in their entry which i always use
in my entry to separate paragraphs which is blogged at certain time of the day. Im not
asking anyone to stop copying, but i will edit abit of my format then!

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