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Sunday, November 16, 2008 0 Comments

I feel so so so boring! Hav been searching for interesting scripts to use for my blog
for the whole day. Yahoo-ed & browsed thru all sites that provides javascript but i
didnt find anything interesting as all scripts same to be exactly the same. Anyone is
willing to share any interesting script with me?!

But i didnt end up with nothing but found 2 scripts last night. Hav you all tried the
new script in my blog?! One of it will prompt you for your name, & your name will
be remembered by your cookie & will be shown on the kitty. Unfortunately, the script
will not work in IE as some of you hav enabled your pop-up blocker in IE.

Another new script was very obvious, its the kitty on the right hand side of my side
bar. This kitty is designed by me & i find it simply cool & nice! Is the kitty blocking
your way? Try to click & drag on the kitty & move her to your desired place to unblock
the way!

Bf just told me that Mac is having this Mega Mac sets & that includes Double McSpicy
meal. I hav not been eating Double McSpicy for dunc knw how many donkey years!
I know im abit retard as i only found out today. Was so busy with work & school &
didnt hav time to go out. Anyway, i miss double mcspicy!

Bf & i sat ourself down in Mac for lunch. Double Mcspicy is yummy yet filling! Bf will
always ask for sweet & sour source as its my favourite sauce. But my bad day, the
sauce looks damn yucky today! Bf forbid me to touch the sauce as it looks like it hav
gone bad & i didnt dare to eat them too!

I was kinda curious & wanted to open the sauce but im afriad that it will be like the
curry sauce incident i hav blogged about months ago - Maggots seen inside curry sauce.
But in the end, i still opened it up. Luckily, didnt see any maggots but saw some small
black dots in the sauce. OMG, i guess i might hav phobia with these sauce in the future!

Snapped the pic of the sauce, but due to the lighting & my cam wasnt that powerful,
therefore, it didnt turn out too good! The small black dots was not visible in the pic but
i swear i saw small black dots in the sauce.

PARTTWO - Bring Wendy for a holiday?!

Its school holiday for all students, & many people are planning & going on a holiday
to relax themselves. I was hoping for a holiday too! But i guess im gonna rot at home
till the next year!

Job-hunting is a difficult task & i seriously hate it man! Can i jus seat at home & relax
myself?! I hate those interviews etc! Going crazy soon!

I want to go for a holiday! I want to go for a holiday! I want to go for a holiday!
I really need to relax myself! I really need to relax myself!
Can anyone bring me or pack me in your luggage before you are out of town?!
Pretty/Handsome please?!

PARTTHREE - CAM WHORING @ Bf's Place - I know its ugly!

The first pic i edited it using GIMPS. Not a bad software afterall! Those who
wants a software that varies with photoshop but doesnt hav photoshop can use
this software. I think this software can do animation but not very sure, but im still
playing & exploring with it!


Wendy is such a dumbo! I hav been hoping to get the photoshop's application so
that i could install it into my 6 mths old laptop. I hav it in my old desktop, but i
couldnt transfer the application over. Been asking around for it & even tot of
purchasing one myself which i didnt in the end.

Thanks to Jasmond who told me that his cousin brought the same VAIO lap-top
as me & there is a ready-made application of Adobe Photoshop Element 6 included
upon purchase. Therefore, i go browse thru all my application, & true enough, i hav
got the photoshop application too!

I brought this laptop for about 6 months, & now then i realized that the application
hav been lying in my laptop all this while without me noticing! Luckily, i didnt buy
it which cause about SGD$100. Who wants photoshop?!


*Just joking*

Im damn happy i finally hav this application! Although my photoshop skills are not
that great, but im trying to explore it out thoroughly. Thanks to Jasmond again for
showing me Xiaxue's guide to photoshop! Was playing it w Joanne ystd night, but the
image turns out so ugly. I tried & followed her guide again today, & its really amazing!
Everyone must try!

My artwork, sorry, my skills aint that great & pro yet!
Can you spot the difference?!
PS: Ignore that ugly ting near my chin, im lazy to redo! Yucks, why these two pic's
quality looks so diff in IE & FF? Suck in IE, but looks ok in FF. Anyone can tell


For those who issnt that clear of what can you do with photoshop?

❤ Designing of images with brushes
❤ Blending, collaging of image etc
❤ Do animations


❤ Make yourself look prettier by changing:
★ Face's shape
★ Bigger/smaller boobs
★ flatter tummy
★ More hair
★ Flawless skin
★ thicker make-up
★ smaller/bigger nose
★ smaller/bigger eyes
★ Eyes color
★ Your arm muscles looks smaller
★ Make urself skinner