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Friday, November 21, 2008 0 Comments


Do you prefer the previous one or the current one?! I seriously need comments
from everyone! Tag me with the ans pls! Thanks in advance!

Wasted about 3-5 hours doing this layout. I was proud to say that i drew those
ribbons out. Initially did another version of it, but i dunc knw how to arrange
my side bars so decided to do it into another version.

Today went out with Stella & Reb. Registered with the agency alrd. My SGD$200
flew off! Why?! Cause i paid SGD$200 for the registration fee, uniform &
insurance. Its seriously taxing alright! The uniform itself cause SGD$60, & its jus
a piece of normal cloth & it cause so much! Damn! I hav to go bek to the agency
again tml cause i didnt bring my certs & pic today cause i couldnt find them. Its a
waste of my time!

After which, we went for a walk in Fareast & Paragon. Stella & I brought nth while
Reb brought a brown dress. Im broke, but nth set me on fire!

Was on the train just nw, a guy sitting beside me was reading a tamil newspaper.
Of cause i couldnt understand what it was about, but i realised that on the papers,
there are alot of pictures & in the pictures, all are Indians. So does that mean that
malay papers features the Malays, & the chinese papers features the Chinese? I
though papers are about worldwide news, but why i see pictures with indian faces
only in the tamil papers?! Kinda weird & curious, but no offence to those indians!

Anyway, super tired from the long walk. My legs are aching!~