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Saturday, November 29, 2008 0 Comments

Alright, my new layout has been out for 1 day, & the comments given was not quite
bad. Thanks people! Hopefully this layout will stay with me for long cause i hav been
changing 3 skins in a mth. Xiaorene keep saying im mad. LOL!

Here is a big news, Xiaorene & i hav decided to terminate the "Rate Me' event which
we are hosting. I knw we hav alot of submission, but we are too busy to rate. Either
she is working or im working, so we shall call off the event. Sorry if we disappoint you!

Aww, i dunc hav things to blog about! Wanted to do a skin just now, but after designing
& stuff, im so not happy with the design so decided to gave up. I dunc think i will do
anymore skin from today onwards. If you see me submitting, that will mean that im
going for a long hiatus!

This award is from Amelia, & welcome back girl!

{1} repost this.
{2} tag three people who suits for the award
{3} here's the image: http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff153/dramaqueen131403/awardcopy.jpg :D

Shall awards this to
1) Joanne, Milkypoop
2) Agnes, Eggiines
3) Irene, Xiaorene

PARTTWO - The add-ons

Noticed the change in my blog from just now?! I added in a new animated header, how
was it? Weird or? I freaking like my headers now cause its animated! Smth diff from
my previous ones i guess!

Went Bf's place just now. Just came bek from dinner cum supper. As we were eating,
i saw 2 big black dogs walking towards me, i was freaking scared & jump out of my
seat immediately. The dogs belongs to an Indian family. They shldnt hav brought
the dog out into the eating house.

Hailed a cab home & headed home after our dinner. As i was about to drop off, i hit
my head against the top of the door. It was fuxking pain. Awww, i was so careless
when i came out from the car. Now, im having some head injury!