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Sunday, November 30, 2008 0 Comments

Yay, im a fan of blogging, if you are one too, repost this!

1. Repost this in your blog if you are a fan of blogging
2. Image URL: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y289/starrbabies/400x70-1.gif

Thanks Agnes for this banner!

Thanks Josephine for the banner!

PARTTWO - Hiatus?

Ok, im going for a long hiatus in blogskins i guess! Cause i will be quite packed with
work & school from tml onwards! I love making & designing skin, but its time for
a long rest! Keep a look out for me in blogskins, i may appear someday, sometime!

Submitted a skin today, click to comment!

PARTTHREE - Nervous!!


I hav been staying at home for the whole day today. Went for dinner with family just
now. Ate alot & my stomach nearly burst! Im so damn greedy alright!

Alright, today is officially my last day for relaxing! My self-declared holidays are over!
Aww, i hav been slacking at home for exactly 2 months now. The long holiday makes
me feel so comfortable at home, thus lazy to work anymore! & my new uniform is so
damn ugly can! Oh damn!

Im super nervous & i dunc knw how the job scope & staff will be like. I hate going to
a new environment! Guess i will be too nervous to sleep & will be having insomnia
tonight! All my sleeping patterns & day activities will be undergoing a total change!

No more daily 24hours online. Guess i will be super busy with work & lessons & will
not be online that often anymore! I hate to grow up~! Will hav lessons after work
tml. So tiring can!

Shall post some expired fugly snaps.

Bf brought me this green thingy. LOL

Got to prepare myself for work tml. Hav to iron my uniform, cut my nails & do some
packing! I so dunc wish to work, but .. .. ..

Guess i wun blog daily anymore! Pls continue to visit & support my blog if im away!
Continue to vote me in SGFRIENDS too! Thanks~!