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Monday, December 01, 2008 0 Comments

Thanks Xiaorene for the banner!


OMG, i didnt expect that the skin i submitted ystd was made Skin Of The Day(SOTD).
Its just a super plain & normal skin & yet it was given SOTD?! I was so shocked when
Jasmond told me the news via MSN. Anyway, thanks for all your support or it might not
be choose as a SOTD! Sorry if you think its not deserving!

This is the 5th SOTD in my blogskin, shocked! Not being proud of anything as i knw
im still a lousy & noob-ish blogskinner. But i want to thanks those people who hav
been supporting me since the day i started skinning. Thanks people!

PARTTHREE - My first day!

Alright, today is my first day of work, & i was pretty tired to drag myself out of bed
at 6.15AM. Prepared & started my journey to SGH. Was pretty nervous cause its my
first day!

When i reached there, i asked those nurses there for direction to the Sister's office. &
to my surprised, they asked me to change into a operating theatre scrub suit which
was provided in the toilet. Therefore, i was told to wear the scrub suit, mask, shower
cap & crocs to work. It was like so weird to me! But i was quite happy cause i need not
wear the fugly uniform provided by the agency.

I hav to learn alot of thing during my first day, cause i knw nuts about anything & was
quite blur & forgetful. The place was super big & i got quite lost there. I always thought
that the theatre will look like what i saw in the TV, but it was completely different. The
set up was quite simple but there are alot of machines inside the theatre. & i could go in
& out even during the operation! Was kinda shock!

The job i hav to do is to receive & check patients upon entry to the theatre, do eye toilet
& to look after their well-being after the surgery was completed. It wassnt that simple!
Patients may struggle due to pain or shock & we hav to comfort & asked if they are ok

I was so shocked when i entered one of the theatre & they are in the mid of an operation,
the doctors are listening to rock music when they are doing the surgery! That was so cool!

& we hav to push the patient when they are in the big long trolley & its damn heavy. We
hav to push it ourself & it makes my back aching! Was quite busy. I ended up with a real
headache after work!

Went to Novena to wait for Stella, had LJS & took a walk in Novena Square. I ended up
buying a top. Reached Queenstown quite late & we ended up walking to school. Wendy
was a real bad girl! She left for home during the middle of the lesson cause she was too
tired & the class was damn boring!

Im damn tired. Will hav to rest early~! Going out w Bf tml to celebrate our 3rd year