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Thursday, November 27, 2008 0 Comments

b l u e

my heart is gloomy, a heavy downpour inside.
You just dunc understand!

PARTTWO - Oh damn!

Had insomnia in the early part of my sleep. Real unhappy! But luckily, i managed
to fall asleep after like an hour later. Hav been quite stressed lately.

Oh ya, this will be my last week of relaxing! Im starting work next week. Aww, its
damn fast! Im going back to Eye Center due to sm stupid reason, but in a different
place. Its in the recovery area in the operating theatre. Alright, nvm! I jus need
some income as i hav not been really working for 2 weeks!

Laying at home idly is really really a good thing! You can do anything you want or
go anywhere you like to go. Laggi best! But i cant just lay slacking at home, its
time to get my butt working! Nervous yet bored!

PARTTHREE - Story-telling

Do you know that everyone will definately hav more than a dream in each sleep?
Its a matter of whether you rmb them after you are conscious or not. After i got
my new bed, i always rmb what i dream of after im conscious. There are 2 dreams

Im always scared of animals since young, till now, im also scared of them. There
was once i had this dream that i was sitting on a chair & a cat jump up from no
where & attacked my ass. I was so scared that i jump up, awaked from my bed.
I was so scare that i didnt dare to sleep. This dream happened 4-5 years ago.

This happened about 2 years back. The setting of the dream was in a shopping
center. I was there alone, & when i entered the mall, i saw that there was an under
-water world on the highest level of the mall. Therefore, i took the lift & went to
the highest level & to my surprised, i saw someone sitting on top of a stingray &
was flying in the air. I suddenly hav the urge to do so therefore i immediately run
into the under-water world & asked the uncle if i could rent the stingray for a day.
He immediately agreed & i climbed on top of the stingray & was doing shopping on
air. After i finished my shopping, i returned the stingray to the uncle & headed home.

Aww, if there is a shopping center that offer this kinda service, it will be so cool!

Anyone can also share their dream that they rmb vividly with me, be it fun or
scary ones! LOLS! I know mine is kinda funny!


Met Bf in the evening & went to Funnan IT Mall. Bf sent his hard-disk for
servicing. Its so quiet in the mall & i saw the new pink VAIO lappy, OMFG,
its so damn nice alright, except that its v v thick & not so convenient if you
bring your lappy out!

Walked around & went into this wulu building, the pennisula shopping center
i guess?! The building is like so old & its v smelly! All shop name are in either
Vietnam/Myanmar/Thai name which i dunc knw which one. Take a look & we
went out of the building cos we cant take the smell anymore.

Ate Subway in Raffles Shopping Center & went home. Took some candid shot
& its damn funny & ugly!


Those people who want to spam my big name in other blog, you are so childish!
That is so lame, thanks for promoting me! Dare to spam, den put ur bloody name,
URL, address & mobile number there too! Childish, pls grow up luh!