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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 0 Comments

Im back, but for the moment! It was a busy day for the pass two days, & im deprived
of sleep due to work & studies! It seriously suxk big time man! Im having my statistic
math test will fall on next Wed & i hav yet to study! Aww, everything came squashing
into me!

Work was super busy on Tue. Cases keeps coming in & out & i suffered a terrible back-
ache cause the job is about pushing the long bed all around to send & fetch patient. The
bed is so damn heavy that i hav to use all strength from my back, thus causing the ache.

Wed was still alright. Much lesser cases compared to Tue. Guess what?! I get to go into
the operating theatre to observe the surgeons when they are operating cause im too
free outside. Its damn cool alright! The anatomy of the eyes is so small that they need
to operate using a special lens that enlarges the eye. Way too cool to describe!!

This is my first time seeing & looking at the whole procedure when the surgeons are
operating. I still got alot of operation which i hav not had the chance to see yet. But
today i saw vitrectomy - performed to clear blood and debris from the eye, to remove
scar tissue, or to alleviate traction on the retina. Cool! Bravo doctors!

Wanna look at how fugly i wear during work?! Dunc laugh, cause i know i wear like an
obasan with that oversized pajamas! Anyway, that ah ma shoe is just the toilet slippers!

Lessons after work on Wed. Went to Bugis w Reb & Stella. I brought a new Havaianas
slim flip-flop. Brought a ash-brown one, i love the colour & Reb brought the brown one!
Dinner was in "The Batter Fish" in Bugis. I didnt finish my food cause its oily & not very

Headed to class after which. I feel so sleepy throughout the lesson & my brain was totally
switched off. OMG! Took a train to JE & cabbed home. I was too tired! I hav been cabbing
everyday, its such a waste of cash!

Tired, shall rest early today!

P.S: I updated a total of 3 entries in a go! LOL