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Saturday, December 13, 2008 0 Comments

Finally its weekends! This week just pass like a blink of an eye, super fast right? Maybe
its because of the PH & my 1 day off. Im still depressed about the death of my hard-disk!
Although i hav alrd send to the service center & is going to get my new replacement, hope
that they will replace me with the same pink hard-disk i had.

I received my nuffnang cheque alrd, but it doesnt hav any signature in it, so as requested,
i will send back to nuffnang to get the cheque signed. Anyway, i received a call from nuffnang
ystd, they invited me to the big christmas party they are having on 20th-Dec. But i feel
weird cause i didnt even post up an entry about it, but was invited. I was still thinking
if i should go for the party anot. Should i?!

PARTTWO - Tadah!

Alright, i change back my blogskin cause i find the xmas one rather boring & plain. I cant
stand it, still prefer this one! Hahas! Placed the xmas banner, bt i think the colour combi
is abit weird cause green & red pop out suddenly from no where! LOL!

Nvm, i shall not care about that as the banner will be removed after xmas! Xmas is reaching
pretty soon in less then 2 weeks! Should i hav a chinese new year skin or banner? LOL!

PARTTHREE - My navi garden.

Made a new blogskin today. Wonder why i had the software? Cause lucky i hav got the
software in my sis's hard-disk. Phew, if not i dunc hav any software tools for making
blogskin anymore.

Click to preview & comment!

PARTFOUR - The xmas card for all!