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Sunday, December 14, 2008 0 Comments

Its currently 5mins pass midnight, going to slp real soon after i finish blogging.

I guess everyone will know this movie called "Twilight" cause i see & heard of many people
blogging & talking about this movie months before it was released. At first, i was pretty
curious about what was it. I thought it was a book, a cartoon or what so ever, but after
searching thru the net, i then realized that its a movie.

Watched it online cause i was pretty bored, the opening of the movie was pretty bored, felt
lost cause i dunc even understand what it is about & was pretty confusing. But after i continue
to watch it, i find it pretty cool. Its a v romantic movie accompanied by abit of scary parts.

I think dating with the vampire is so cool although its scary cause you wun knw if he/she
will suck your blood & make you a vampire. But the adventures that they hav is so romantic!
Dating & chit-chatting on top of a super duper tall tree in the forest with no interference.
& the guy is super protective towards the girl. Super cool alright!

That guy really looks like a vampire, isn't it? & i realized that their face are all so white, eyebrown so black & the lips so red! I guess the make-up are real thick! Gimme some
comments after watching it alright?

Ok, shall not talk much, see for yourself if you hasn't. I shall present you the show now!

A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.









Movie taken from Yahoo Video.