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Thursday, December 11, 2008 0 Comments


Im extremely depressed right now! How could this happen to me?! Oh no!! I want to
turn back the clock!!

Real real depressed alright! How could this happen to me?! Ystd i dropped my hard-disk
by accident & now, its pronounced dead! Fuxk, damn! Blame myself for being so careless!
Now, all my applications, blinkies, fonts, cursors & pics are gone.. gone forever!

How could i?! Those stuff are the most important stuff cause they are all the tools &
images i used for skinning. & now, its all gone! It cant be retrieved anymore! Those stuff
hav been with me for more den 1year, my 1 year collection has vanished! Suxk, damn,
fuxk! I hate myself!

Whats more? Although it comes with a 3 years warranty, but i couldnt get back the same
model as im using now. FYI, my hard-disk is pink in color, so as to match my pink lappy.
How i hope they will replace mine with the same model i had! Damn luh!

I couldnt stop hating myself!!! ARGGG!

Painted my toe nails, fugly uh?!