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Monday, December 15, 2008 0 Comments

Alright, i admit that im lazy to update my blog, but for the sake of my readers, i shall
keep updating it as much as possible when im free. Beware, im blogging about my daily
activities for the pass few days!

I literally stayed at home for the whole day on Sat. Wanted to go out w Bf, but was kinda
lazy so i decided to stay at home & rest. Hope i wish weekends nv end! I was on my lappy
for the whole day, but its such a pity that i cant skin cause my hard disk is dead! Im super
sad alright! Any kind souls that are willing to donate any materials to me so that i can
continue with my skinning?!

As for Sun, i woke up at 11.30AM. Prepared & met Bf in JP. Oh wow, hav any of you
been to JP lately? The new extension is now opened, & its damn spacious & big! It makes
me feel that im in Vivo city! Bf & i walked till we kinda lost our way, image how big is

Anyway, thr are still empty shops that are undergoing renovation, so i guess after the
renovation is done, they will hav more shops! I saw many nice shop like mphosis, mini
bits, purpur, action city, mini toons etc which are loved! & there is an area that looks
like FarEastPlaza with little shop in everywhere, super damn cool alright!

Bf & i didnt manage to look thru all the shop cause its too big. Headed to NTUC after
which as we wanted to shop for grocery. Bf & i planned to hav a mini steamboat session
at his place for just both of us. So we brought the ingredients for our steamboat & headed
to his place.

OMG, im ashame to call myself a girl cause i dunc knw how to cook rice, as in those
perfect rice which doesnt look too hard or not too soft but just nice. I didnt want to try
out as i dunc want to disappoint Bf so we went to brought rice from the economy rice
stall near his place.

Washed & cut the ingredients & our shop was from the chicken stock we brought. Its
kinda simple yet sweet! I enjoyed it very much cause its my first time eating steamboat
with Bf alone! Surf the net & watched online movie at his place with my lappy & dinner
was still steamboat. After dinner, desert was coffee ice-cream. Yummy! Hail a cab &
headed home.

My weekend seems to end like a blink of an eye. Its always that way! Why cant sweet
moment last longer? Dragged myself to work this morning as i was fuxking tired &
sleepy. I guess this is called monday blues!

Got assigned to the recovery area in another block & i dunc really like it cause i hav to
walk damn far when im fetching subside patients. & today was real busy & the long
distance walk to the subside change room makes me goes panting. & its not like going
thru & fro once, but more then 10times. My leg are aching & im so tired! Gosh, it will go
like this for 2 weeks i guess!

Wee, im off on xmas eve, but i hope my leave will be approve on 26th-Dec too cause i
want to hav a long weekend! I cant wait for more holidays & im looking forward to xmas!
You can see that im a lazybum uh?

Waited for Bf in Clementi after work. We headed to JP again cause i wanted to buy smth.
But i couldnt find nice designs & i gave up the search. Decided to take a look on necklace
cause i was thinking of buying it for so long, but its beyond my budget. Ahh, i will hav to
buy one thing at a time i guess!

Bf brought me to Swensen for ice-cream. Yummy, i totally love flavours like vanilla,
cookies & cream & chocolate mint. They are loved! But we wait for like more then 20
mins before the ice-cream are being served. Nvm, at least i still got that ice-cream to
make my tummy happy. Gotta slp & another episode of a war is starting again!

PS. OMG, this post took me 50 mins to update, the longest time ever!

Some candid snaps for you! Sorry if its fugly!