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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 0 Comments

This year is really not a good year for me, esp to my health. I keep falling sick
everytime. I hav not been sick for at least 5 years & this year suddenly, my health
goes down the drain. Aww~ Im having a serious headache accompanied by a swollen
throat. Its making me feel sick & restless!

I feel so tired today! Lotsa politics at work & its making me feeling pissed sometimes.
Urg! Today's a busy day too, & i walked non-stopped. & Yay, my leave on 26th-Dec
was approved. Im so damn happy, finally im able to hav a small break!

Anyway, i hav got 2 calls & a mail from Nuffnang today again. They are asking if i will
be able to make it for the Christmas party this sat, but sad to say, i rejected the offer so
im not going. Reasons are because im kinda anti-social, but if there is a future event
similar to this, i might consider the offer.


OMG, sis told me smth which was insane! She saw an old malay lady urinating on the
open field just opposite JP! Worst of all, its peak hours & lotsa people are walking to
the MRT station. Everyone saw, & her private part was seen by everyone walking
pass! She was seen asking for money from passerby too.

I think this is insane! There are toilets everywhere, & why did she urine in a public
area? Guess there are connection errors in her brain & therefore she is not aware of
what she is doing. Gosh, so sad man! I guess she may be homeless or kinless therefore,
hav to beg for money in order to survive in SG.

I hav encounter lotsa old lady/man asking around for money to eat. Sometime i
wondered if they really hav got no money or their family didnt gave them any allowance
to spend. This is really so sad alright! Hais, perhaps the reason is cause staying in SG is
way too costly.


Thanks ZhouYen for the gift!

Thanks Jolene for the gift!