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Thursday, December 18, 2008 0 Comments

One word to describe my day - PISSED! Why? First of all, I was alighting from the bus
& this girl stepped on my flip flop & i was jammed thr unable to move cause she was
stepping onto it so i cant lift up my feet & i nearly fell. This is not the first time, i got
stepped on my flip-flop twice ystd.

A guy whom is walking behind me stepped on my right flip flop while walking then when
i turned towards him, he stepped on my left one too! I was like damn pissed so i glared at
him but he quickly walked off. The second time was by my friend cos the train was way
too packed & when we alight, she stepped on my flip flop & the flip flop fell off my leg.
Urg! I dunc blame her. But i got stepped on for ample of times alrd & they goes without
saying sorry to me. Damn! People are walking blindly without watching their steps!

As for today, i got scolded for no reason by a relative of a patient. Here the story goes..

An indian old lady came in for an operation so i went to fetch & assess her before the
She was deaf but wore a hearing aid so these corrected her hearing so she
could hear but
she dunc knw how to speak eng but only know malay & tamil. I can speak
malay, but not
prefect but broken malay. So its like she couldnt really understand me &
i couldnt really
understand her so the attendance went to call her son over so that i can
get the fact right.

So she went out & came in with an indian man holding a laptop, which is the patient's son.

ATTENDANCE: The nurse wants to speak to you.
MAN: What you want?
ME: Hello, i wanted to asked about your mum's history cause i couldnt understand her
MAN: Hello, im a very busy man. You all asked me hundred over time about this & when
she did the same operation for the other eye, you all ask the same question. Its all stated
clearly but you all keep asking & asking. Might as well i sleep with her throughout the
operation la!
ME: This is the standard procedure which i should do! We hav to make sure again & again
that everything is correct & if anything happens, i might be in trouble!
MAN: Ask one time enough right, need to ask so many times meh?
ME: This is the standard procedure! Okok, you go!

* man walk off & i walk off with the patient, pissed & dunc wish to argue anymore

Fuxk, this is my job & duty to assess the patient & those questions are critical facts
by the doctors & nurses in the theatre. If i can, i also dunc wish to do so much
work by asking
this & that in details. Because you are not the nurse & you dunc
understand the importance
of these rubbish & shitty work implemented by our

What if one fine day, smth goes wrong somewhere, who is going to take all the
in hand? Of course its the nurse who accessed the patient! This might
lead to a law suit & we
might be jailed! These people jus dunc see the importance of
the job & are taking us for
granted! Damn pissed! I hate this kinda people man!
Unreasonable & inconsiderate whom
only think of their own work & dunc giv a thought
for others! Fuxk!


Click to enlarge & read! Sorry for the poor quality cause i was holding the papers &
snapping it at the same time.

It time for a change, use Mozilla Firefox, its virus free!

PARTTHREE - Rippers?!

I noticed that there are alot of rippers going around recently. For instance, the girl/
boy who kept tagging me & wanted my attention cause she ripped Xiaorene's skin. Oh
damn, its so lame alright?! Ripped & wanted attention so that i can convey the msg to
Xiaorene? Come on, buck up! This is so childish!

And i notice that there are alot of ripping issues in some blog entries. Come on,
everyone is just ripping each other's idea & now claiming that they got ripped! I think
this is effing hilarious alright? You people are just making a joke out of yourself!

Hais, i also saw people ripping my ideas but i didnt even name out cause im sick of these
issue. Ripping will always be going around in the cyberworld.