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Saturday, December 20, 2008 0 Comments

Yahoo, got a call from the postman saying that he is delivering my hard disk to me
ystd. Called mummy & ask her to collect for on my behalf. I rang the service center
on the day when my hard disk stopped working. I asked if i could get the same old
colour & design cos i really need a pink hard disk to match my pink viao, as promised
by them, its really the same. I was pretty satisfied!

Yes, i got my brand new hard disk back, but an empty one. I hav to go all over again!
No font, images, pictures, tools & resources! OMG! But luckily, sis saved half of the
resources in my previous hard disk, so i hav gt half of the materials back, but whr is
the other half?!

Any kind soul who wish to share or donate any materials/font/application with me?!
Kindly tag me, pretty thanks! Im real pathetic alright!

PARTTWO - New submission!

Click for preview & comment!

Went town with Bf just now. Im pretty sick of SG alrd, there is really nowhere to
shop. Just went there for a walk, nth interesting to blog about today! Went Novena
with Stella & Jasmine ystd. I brought a self-customized white plated necklace, bt i hav
yet collect it cause its still in the mid of customizing. Yay, i finally hunt down a necklace
i like! Will show you people when i collected them!

Some fugly snaps for display!

PARTTHREE - Just for laughter!

Look carefully & you will understand what the picture means!

PARTFOUR - The xmas gallery!

Alright, i hav received some xmas banner/card from some blogger! Sorry for the delay,
shall display them out! Thanks people! Tell me if i leak out any of your gift!

Thanks Isabel for the affil gift!